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Constable Care and Pokemon Go

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The Pros and Cons of Pokemon Go

By David Gribble, CCCSF CEO

At the risk of being labelled the fun police, I’m going to say right up front that I think the new Pokemon Go augmented reality game probably comes with both positives and negatives.

A new game craze for young people often attracts over-the-top community and media predictions of the harm it will inflict (think original paper-based Dungeons & Dragons or online RPG’s such as World of Warcraft), so I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and instead will wait to see the ramifications of its use for a while before passing judgement.

However, I would point out a couple of positives and a potential concern or two in the meantime. In its favour is the fact that for once we have a computer game that is getting large numbers of young people (and older people) out of their houses and into the open. Yes, Pokemon Go is great for getting kids to do exercise without realising they are doing it....

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Introducing the New WA Child Safety Awards

Building on the successes of the prestigious Constable Care Child Safety Awards, which have taken place each year since 2012, CCCSF will now be partnering with Kidsafe WA to host these awards with the new title 'WA Child Safety Awards'.  The gala event will now be held biennially (with the next event in 2017) to allow the community more time to develop and implement their innovative child safety practices and ensure the next awards season continues to showcase a high calibre of applicants. 

Some changes will take place to the award categories as well, including the addition of the 'Child Safe Organisation of the Year' award. This award is sponsored by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, who will be participating for the first time in the Safety Awards. This award will be given to an organization which has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to applying the principles and domains of child safe organizations.

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NAIDOC Family Fun Day

The Constable Care team (and Constable Care himself!) had a great time operating the Lost Child Services at the NAIDOC Family Fun Day in Bassendean in July. This free, all-ages event is run on a yearly basis across the country, and this year's theme was “Songlines: the living narrative of our nation”. The Perth event was presented by the Town of Bassendean in partnership with the Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service. NAIDOC was a fascinating celebration of culture and tradition, with a great line-up of entertainment & music, and delicious food.

Intercultural understanding is the theme of several Constable Care shows, such as "Celebration", "Fair Play" and "Catch". We were thrilled to be part of an event that celebrates the cultural diversity and traditions of Australia.


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  • Warm Welcome                                                                            BACK
  • The Pegasus Society
  • The Secondary School Musical Hairspray
  • Languages Week
  • Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival
  • Pre-Carnival Athletics events pictures

Warm Welcome
I am thrilled to be joining John Wollaston Anglican Community School as the new Deputy Principal Pastoral Care. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the warm welcome I have received from students, staff and parents during my first few weeks. I have spent the last ten days getting around to all parts of our school and have had the opportunity to speak with many students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. The conversations I have enjoyed with students of all ages have been engaging, thoughtful and a delight. The ability of our students to engage in a mature and meaningful conversation with a new member of staff is a true credit to themselves, their family and their school. I very much look forward to getting to know all members of the School community and extend an invitation to you to drop into my office and say hello when you get the chance.

At the end of my first address to the Secondary School at our Assembly last week, I described three things that have made me smile since joining John Wollaston. I believe that it is important to recognise the great things that we enjoy every day which we sometimes take for granted. This virtue can best be described as gratitude. The three things that have made me smile so far are:

1. The fantastic view of the Perth Hills which we can enjoy from almost every point of the School campus.
2. The amazing Commons Building which provides outstanding learning spaces for our students to be inspired, creative and bold in their academic pursuits.
3. The wide, open, green spaces which are great for the soul and provide opportunity for a multitude of physical activities.
I encourage you to reflect on all of the things that make you smile about our great school. Gratitude is a virtue we should all practice on a regular basis.

The Pegasus Society
Congratulations to the following students who have been inducted into the Pegasus Society for Semester 2. This is a fantastic achievement for these students and a true reward for their hard work, dedication and commitment to academic excellence. 

Year 12 Evie Dodge (Hale)
Year 12 Bevan Hargrave (Scott)
Year 12 Claire Hunter (Charter)
Year 12 Connor McCluskey (Scott)
Year 12 Mako Murazvu (Scott)
Year 12 Rachel Tobin (Charter)
Year 12 Breanne Williams (Hale)
Year 12 Jason Witt (Ramsden)
Year 11 Jayden Asmus (Scott)
Year 11 Zoe Courtney (Hale)
Year 11 Jason Cross (Charter)
Year 11 Emily Davis (Charter)
Year 11 Ryan Edwards (Scott)
Year 11 Georgia Fennessy (Hale)
Year 11 Juliette King (Hale)
Year 11 Tyler Nygen (Charter)
Year 11 Monique Stubberfield (Scott)
Year 11 Robert Trainer (Ramsden)
Year 11 Grace Warnes (Hale)
Year 11 Hannah Watts (Ramsden)
Year 10 Jaimee Addison (Charter)
Year 10 Tom Ayres (Ramsden)
Year 10 Elena Baker (Charter)
Year 10 Martha Dodge (Hale)
Year 10 Ashlee King (Charter)
Year 10 Stephanie Lurssen (Hale)
Year 10 Melissa White (Scott)
Year 9 Harriet Butterfield-Cole (Scott)
Year 9 Christina Maddocks (Ramsden)
Year 9 Emily McAuliffe (Scott)
Year 9 Madelaine Sallie (Scott)
Year 9 Chantelle Stubberfield (Scott)
Year 8 Taylah Asmus (Scott)
Year 8 Lucy Keays (Hale)
Year 8 Ashlyn Trouchet (Charter)

The Secondary School Musical Hairspray

Staff and students have been working incredibly hard to bring this great school production together. I encourage you to purchase your tickets from the School website and come along to enjoy this fun and lively musical production.

Tickets are for sale online through TryBooking   Please click here for ticket sales. 

Languages Week
This week has seen many interesting language based activities for Languages week. An exciting lesson for the Year 9 Japanese students was having instruction in Jūjitsu from Primary Japanese teacher Mr Jonathan Palmer. Mr Palmer is a black belt in Jūjitsu. He had some excellent defence moves to impart to the students. Our first group of Japanese exchange students arrives this Sunday.

  • Shizuoka Gakuen Exchange (Japanese sister school) 31 July – 10 August. 
  • Reitaku Mizunami Junior High School Exchange 17 – 25 August. 
  • Taiko Drum and Japanese Flute Performance for Year 5 – 9 will be on Monday 8 August.
DSC 0003 DSC 0005 DSC 0007
DSC 0012 DSC 0016 DSC 0023
DSC 0019 DSC 0013 DSC 0004


Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival
Secondary students are looking forward to a great day of athletic competition on Tuesday 9 August at Ern Clark Athletic Centre, Cannington. The pre-carnival events of high jump, discus and 1500m were held at school last Tuesday. I encourage parents to get along to the Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival to support our students in this much anticipated annual event.

Pre-Carnival Athletics events

DSC 0006 DSC 0007 DSC 00071500mm
DSC 0010 DSC 0011 DSC 0015
DSC 0019 DSC 0031 DSC 0024
DSC 0031 DSC 0107 DSC 0111
DSC 0131 DSC 0148 DSC 0164
DSC 0233 DSC 0220  discus1
discus2 discus6 discus4

Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Principal

  • Parliamentarians visit the School                                                                                       BACK
  • Pegasus Society morning tea
  • Parent consultation for new Strategic Plan
  • Pokemon Go
  • EncounteR7 Salvation Army Excursion

Parliamentarians visit the School
This week I welcomed the Shadow Minister for Education Ms Sue Ellery MLC and the Member for Armadale Dr Tony Buti MLA to John Wollaston. Whilst Dr Buti is a familiar face at school events, Ms Ellery was keen to see an Anglican school in action. We toured the campus visiting classrooms and speaking to staff and students. Ms Ellery was interested to learn about the School's mission, values and curricular and co curricular programmes.

She was impressed by our whole school philosophy and the implementation of pastoral initiatives such as Positive Education and the Encounter programme. It was a successful visit with both guests gaining a valuable insight into the work of a school of the Anglican schools Commission; that is, to provide a high quality, inclusive, caring Christian education to all students in our care.

Pegasus Society morning tea
It was a pleasure to host morning tea in the Boardroom yesterday for the latest inductees into the Pegasus Society. Membership of the Society is awarded to our highest academic achievers in Years 8 to 12 and is keenly sought after. Of the 35 members for Semester 2, it was very pleasing to welcome new faces and also acknowledge the achievements of longstanding members who are maintaining a wonderful academic record. Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning Ms Anne Harris facilitates a range of activities for the Pegasus Society and is looking forward to working with the students this semester.


DSC 0002 DSC 0013 DSC 0005

Parent consultation for new Strategic Plan
I mentioned in last week's eNewsletter, the forthcoming consultation process for our new Strategic Plan. In keeping with the four year cycle of previous Plans, it is proposed that the new Strategic Plan will guide our work for 2017 - 2020. It is imperative that the Strategic Plan reflects the vision of the various stakeholders within the School community. To that end, consultation will occur with the CEO of the Anglican schools Commission the Revd Peter Laurence OAM, School Council, Executive, staff, students and parents. We have engaged consultant Dr Liz Pattison who has worked with us on previous strategic planning projects, to lead us through the process again. She has a warm, inclusive manner and is always well received by participants. Parents will have the opportunity to attend an evening workshop with Dr Pattison on Thursday 25 August from 7.00pm - 9.00pm at the School and also complete an online survey. I strongly urge you to contribute to the consultation process as it will be of immense benefit to the School.

Pokemon Go
There has been considerable press recently about the latest Pokemon phenomenon, Pokemon Go which appears to have captured the imagination of young people. The School's position on Pokemon Go and other phone games is that they are not to be played on the campus. This is consistent with our mobile phone policy which precludes students using their phone for any purpose during the school day.
I refer you to the recent article, The Pros and Cons of Pokemon Go by the CEO of the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation David Gribble, which may be of some interest.
Click here for the article.

EncounteR7 Salvation Army Excursion
As part of their EncounteR7 programme the Year 7 students visited the Salvation Army facilities in the Perth CBD throughout this week. A special thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped make this excursion possible.

thumb DSC 0077 1024 thumb DSC 0078 1024 thumb DSC 0082 1024
thumb DSC 0098 1024 thumb DSC 0095 1024 thumb DSC 0085 1024


With good wishes

Anne Ford

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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Head of Primary

  • Positive Education Day                                                                         BACK
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Individual Achievements
  • Playgroup

Positive Education Day
Come back to school for a day! Please join us on Tuesday 2 August to learn more about Positive Education and the programmes we provide for your children. The great thing about this type of learning is that it applies to all of us, no matter what age, helping to enhance our relationships and live a good life. You are welcome to stay for the morning, or better still, stay for the whole day. Enjoy the opportunity to visit your child during lunch time. Please look for more information in the email sent to all families earlier this week.
Tuesday 2 August - Positive Education Day - Back to School for a Day

Random Acts of Kindness
Most afternoons I am on duty at the Early Learning Centre slip way, supervising students as they are collected by their parents. This week a Pre-Primary mum bought a coffee for another staff member and me, as a gesture of gratitude and kindness. Such a simple act is a great example of the concept of gratitude that we will be exploring further in our Positive Education Day.

Individual Achievements
Two Year 5 girls have achieved success in two different domains. Olivia Dodds has gained selection to the School Sport WA Inter-State Cross Country Team and will be travelling to Canberra in August. Olivia is a wonderful student, caring class member and a talented athlete. Ava Sharp has won the position of Marta in the London Palladium’s production of The Sound of Music at the Crown Theatre in September. Ava is a talented performer and this is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to both girls! We wish them all the best.

Come along to playgroup. Enjoy a coffee and chat, meet some new parents and attend interesting information sessions.

When: Every Thursday for 10 weeks, commencing from Thursday 21 July to Thursday 22 September
Where: Wallaby Class at the Early Learning Centre
Who: Suitable for ages birth to 4 years of age
Time: 9.45am to 10.45am
Cost: Free
Contact: Mrs Sally Banks on 9495 8176 for further details and enrolment.
Please note: There is a maximum of 10 children. The first ten lucky children will participate in our playgroup.

Please click here for Playgroup brochure:

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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 VET/Careers

Make Me Your Hero dinner                                                                                                BACK

Three John Wollaston VET students recently competed in the Make Me Your Hero dinner at the Academy of Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Joondalup.

Rheynece Ashe, Kayla Heatherly and Iliana van der Wedden collaborated with students from five other Western Australian schools and worked alongside top Perth chefs.

Students participated in the full service of a five course dinner featuring ancient WA grains and WA fresh produce. The menu was collaboratively devised by Peter Manifis and Jude Blereau. Hospitality students had to produce and serve over 100 meals on the evening.

P1020876 P1020878 P1020877
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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Business Manager

  • ELC Nature Playground Busy Bee, Saturday 6 August                                                    BACK
  • Term 3 Fees and Charges Reminder

Early Learning Centre Nature Playground

Busy Bee
Saturday 6 August

Please click here for information
about the Busy Bee and RSVP form

Term 3 Fees and Charges Reminder
Option 3 payment due date is 3 August 2016. If the account is not paid by the due date, a late payment fee of $50.00 will be incurred.
Parents who are unable to pay fees by the due date are required to contact myself or the Assistant Business Manager Mrs Karen Hildebrandt to make alternative arrangements.

Gailene Shore
Business Manager

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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Parents and Friends

  • Back to School for a Day - 2 August                                                                      BACK
  • Secondary Musical Production, Hairspray - 3 to 6 August
  • ELC Busy Bee - 6 August
  • P&F Meeting, 6.30pm @ Dôme Café, Kelmscott - 9 August
  • Primary Disco -9 September
  • Grandparents’ Day -16 September

Welcome back to Term 3! What a busy term we are going to have! I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing holiday and you are refreshed and ready to go.

Firstly, I would like to thank the P&F Committee and some wonderful volunteers who gave up their Sunday over the school holiday break to hold a Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser at Bunnings in Harrisdale. The team, led by Mark Del Borrello, braved the rainy and windy conditions to churn out the grilled goods and raise $800! We were particularly touched by the number of families who came down on the day just to buy a sausage. Thanks also to the members of the public, including some Bunnings staff, connected to the School in some way who chose to offer a donation without even wanting to be fed. A fantastic effort by all! We look forward to our next Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser in October.

Back to School for a Day
Term 3 is going to be busy so we’d like to highlight some upcoming events. On Tuesday 2 August the School is hosting a fantastic Back to School for a Day as part of the Positive Education initiative.  We encourage parents to take advantage of this free Personal Development Day with Australia’s expert on Positive Psychology, Dr Suzy Green.  Learn about the new programmes that are being implemented throughout the School for our children and pick up some tips and tricks for yourself. Morning tea and lunch will be provided by your P&F!


Secondary Musical Production, Hairspray
The P&F will again be hosting a kitchen at the secondary musical production Hairspray from Wednesday 3 August to Saturday 6 August. Tea, coffee, Milo and fruitcake will be available for a gold coin donation, so make sure you come and say hello when you are at the show.


ELC Busy Bee
There will be an ELC Busy Bee on Saturday 6 August. This is to complete Stage 1 of the Nature Playground for the youngest members of our JWACS community and it really is a case of many hands make light work so the more the merrier. The P&F will be cooking a sausage sizzle at the end of the day as a thank you for everyone’s hard work. (We’re getting REALLY good at cooking sausages!) To assist with logistics and catering please RSVP to the School.


P&F Meeting, 6.30pm @ Dôme Café, Kelmscott

The next P&F Meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 August at Dôme Café, Kelmscott from 6.30pm. Please come along and grab yourself a coffee or a snack and join us for the meeting.

The next Primary Disco will be held on Friday 9 September. This time we are trialling something new. Simply pay at the door on the night!  Tickets will cost $5.00 per student and include a drink and a toy. Parents of Kindergarten to Year 2 students are still required to attend the Disco and older children should be collected at the VMAC door (not in the carpark or slip lane).


Grandparents’ Day
The ever popular Grandparents’ Day will be held on Friday 16 September to coincide with the Art Exhibition. The P&F will be running morning tea stands for our grandparents. This is one of the loveliest days on the School calendar, enjoyed by students and their families so we’re really looking forward to it.

Phew, what a term! All of these events take people on the ground so we are looking for volunteers to assist. Any time, however short or long, any day or event is greatly appreciated. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any time to spare on any of these occasions. 

Megan Blackman
Parents and Friends Association President

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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Community Relations

  • Hairspray Tickets now on sale                                           BACK
  • More great Rowing results
  • Digital Community information

Hairspray Tickets now on sale

Tickets for the Secondary Musical Hairspray are now on sale through TryBooking.

Book here for Hairspray  through

Venue: David Williamson Theatre, Victoria Morgan Arts Centre

Dates:     3-6 August 2016

Tickets:  $20


More great Rowing results

Rhys Du Ross and Tiffany Trainer with their medals.

John Wollaston rowers competed in the All Schools Regatta on Saturday 23 August.  It was a really good day with some very close finishes fought all the way to the line.  Tiffany Trainer, Rhys Du Ross and Robert Trainer had some great races.

Rhys Du Ross
School Mens Under 15 Single Scull
Schools Combined Under 16 Coxed Quad

Tiffany Trainer
School Womens Under 15 Single Scull
Schools Combined Under 16 Coxed Quad
School Womens Under 16 Single Scull


Digital Community information

Please click here for some important updates




Rachel Tierney
Community Relations Officer


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Friday, 29 July 2016 08:00

Issue 11 Uniform Store

  • Uniform Store back to normal opening times                                           BACK

In Term 3 students must wear full Winter Uniform as follows:

Years 3 – 6
Boys – Grey school shorts or trousers, short sleeved white shirt with school crest, black knee high socks (required for shorts only), tartan tie, jumper, school  scarf (optional) school hat.
Girls – Tartan pleated skirt, short sleeved white overblouse with school crest, tartan tie, black knee high socks or tights, jumper, school scarf (optional), school hat.

Boy WinterPrimaryBoyWinterPrimaryLongTrousersGirlWinterPrimary1GirlWinterPrimarywithScarf 

Years 7-12
Boys – Grey trousers, short sleeved white shirt with school crest, jumper (compulsory for Year 7) , blazer (compulsory 8-12), tartan tie (Year 7-10), red tie (Year 11 & 12), school  scarf (optional)
Girls – Tartan skirt, short sleeved white overblouse with school crest, jumper (compulsory for Year 7), blazer (compulsory 8-12), tartan tie (Year 7-10), red tie (Year 11 & 12), black opaque stockings, school  scarf (optional).

winterUniformBoyNo Jumper WinterBoyBlazerJumperWinterUniBoyJumperonly

For full uniform details and prices go to the School website.

Wendy Brimmer
Uniform Co-ordinator

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 08:46

Welcome to Term 3

  • Welcome back                                                                                    BACK                   
  • Thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Twining
  • Successful Ski Trip
  • New students and staff
  • New Strategic Plan for the School

Welcome back to Term 3! It has been lovely to return after an enjoyable period of leave. The campus is looking attractive and it is always pleasing to see the teaching staff looking rested and the students full of energy and cheer after their break.

Thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Twining
I have conveyed my appreciation to Mrs Bronwyn Twining who led the School most capably in my absence. I know she was very appreciative of the many gestures of thanks and acknowledgement by members of our school community at the end of last term. In particular, she was touched by the students from Years 2 to 12 who formed a Guard of Honour to farewell her on her last day. The photograph on the masthead of this eNewsletter shows Aunty B, as she was affectionately known by the senior students, negotiating her way through the throng of students. Mrs Twining's contribution to the School was outstanding - a gifted teacher and compassionate, caring leader. We wish her much joy in retirement.

Successful Ski Trip
The annual Year 12 Ski Trip to the Victorian snowfields in the July break was most successful. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience with all developing their skills and confidence in the snow. My thanks are extended to Teacher in Charge Miss Jessica Dunn and accompanying staff members Ms Tracey Grant and Mr Quentin Hess who are experienced skiers. As we have come to expect, the students were excellent ambassadors for the School and deserve to be complimented on their maturity. The Ski Trip's popularity ensures it is always fully subscribed. To that end, expressions of interest for 2017 will be sought from Year 11 students this term.

New students and staff
We have commenced the term with 1019 students, welcoming 16 new students to John Wollaston. It is wonderful to have new families join our school community and I look forward to making contact with our newcomers early this term.

Joining our staff ranks this term are some new and familiar faces. We welcome the return of Ms Sally McArthur (Year 3), Ms Louisa Searle (Kindergarten), Mrs Michelle Underwood (Education Assistant), Miss Alison McDonald (ELC Receptionist) and Mr Michael Murphy (Science Technician). Our new Deputy Principal Pastoral Care in the Secondary School is Mr Nick Jones who joins us from Frederick Irwin Anglican School. We also welcome Mrs Janie Teer (Food and Textiles Assistant) and Ms Jessica Boatright (Education Assistant Telethon Speech and Hearing). We look forward to the contribution all our newcomers will make to John Wollaston in the months and years ahead.

New Strategic Plan for the School
Every four years, the school community has the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of the School. Our current Strategic Plan has guided our direction for 2013-2016. During this period there have been significant achievements in the four key areas of the Plan; namely, Teaching and Learning, Christian Values and Pastoral Care, Staff Attraction, Retention and Development and School Sustainability and Growth. We need now to plan for the next four year cycle to ensure that we continue to keep abreast of educational trends and provide the best possible environment for students and staff. In the next eNewsletter I will provide more information about the strategic planning consultation phase which will take place later this term. I hope you will consider taking part.

I speak for all staff in looking forward to the term ahead.

With good wishes

Anne Ford

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