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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Principal

  • Welcome back Picnic and Entertainment a great success                                               BACK
  • P&F AGM
  • Commissioning of Student Leaders
  • Fundraising Chocolates
  • The School Ball

Welcome back Picnic and Entertainment a great success
The school community is still buzzing following the success of the P&F Picnic and Entertainment evening last week. It was a terrific event with approximately 1000 people enjoying the food trucks, entertainment and a warm night. I have no doubt it was the largest family gathering of this nature in the history of the School. P&F President Megan Blackman and her hardworking committee deserve thanks and congratulations in equal measure. Their goals of "friend raising" and building community spirit were certainly achieved.


P&F Association AGM
Thank you to the parents who attended the AGM on Wednesday of this week. Deserved thanks were extended to the outgoing Committee led by President Megan Blackman. Under their watch, there have been many achievements including the distribution of the P&F Levy, organisation of student discos, construction of the Early Learning nature playground, supporting a range of school events, the inaugural P&F Sundowner and the Welcome back Picnic, to list a few. I look forward to working with incoming President Sonja Reynolds and her Committee.

Commissioning of Student Leaders
One of the highlights of the first month of the school year is the Commissioning of the student leaders. Last Friday, the 2017 student leadership group pledged their commitment to their roles in front of the whole school who, in return, pledged to support their leaders. Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who attended this occasion. One of the pleasing trends over the years has been to observe the growing number of Primary School leaders who aspire to and ultimately assume leadership roles in the Secondary School. This is testament to the range of leadership opportunities we offer our students, the value so many students place on leading, guiding and supporting their peers and the pride in representing their school. Congratulations to the 110 students who have been appointed to leadership positions for 2017. It is an honour to represent one's peers and the staff and I look forward to working with them all throughout the year.

DSC 0014WIDEsmall

Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets
This year the School has taken a stronger stance on matters affecting the health and well-being of students. Examples include the Café making healthier food items, the request for fruit and vegetables to be a larger proportion of the school day diet and the Bag Box initiative, in the Secondary School, to reduce the impact of heavy school bags on students' shoulders and spines. 

Another issue we wish to address is Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets. These now seem to be in many schools, offices and shops as a matter of course. Indeed, they have been prolific at John Wollaston in recent years to raise money for a host of causes including our own overseas tours. Whilst the chocolates and lollies are an inexpensive, tempting snack for those with a sweet tooth and therefore an easy fundraiser, they are of little nutritional value. Naturally students don’t wish to disappoint their friends and often buy the confectionary knowing that they, too, could be selling a box in the future. Unfortunately, some students too readily eat these snacks as a substitute for a healthy morning tea or lunch which is cause for concern. Having discussed this issue with staff who are of the same mind, I wish to advise that from the beginning of March, students and staff will not be permitted to sell Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets at school. This decision does not include the sweet treats that are sold at Primary Lightning Lunches, Founders' Day or House food stalls. These are special occasions and not daily fare. Thank you in anticipation of your support of this change.

The School Ball
The wait is over! The Year 12s will be attending the School Ball this evening at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel, the venue which has looked after us well for a number of years. In the lead up to this event, the students have been briefed by myself and Deputy Principal Nick Jones about the expectations involved in attending a formal function and I have interviewed all outside partners, including former John Wollaston students. It is always a pleasure to welcome back past students to the Ball and make acquaintance with young people from other schools and workplaces. In my experience our School Balls have been wonderful occasions - they are a true rite of passage for our senior students who have responded maturely by bringing credit to themselves and the School. Thank you to the Prefects who have worked hard in preparation for this event. I look forward to tonight being another memorable occasion.

With good wishes
Anne Ford


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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Acting Director of Administration

  • Commissioning of the 2017 Student Leaders                                               BACK
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions
  • Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival
  • Secondary Clubs
  • Tutorials
  • Hospitality Alive!
  • February Value Added Programme (VAP) Highlights
  • Bag Boxes
  • Growth Mindsets - Secondary Student Homework Diaries

Commissioning of the 2017 Student Leaders
Last Friday 17 February we held our assembly for the Commissioning of Student Leaders. Secondary School Prefects, Year 12 House Seniors, Year 11 Peer Support Leaders, Year 8 to Year 12 House Councillors, along with Primary Captains and Primary Class Representatives were presented to the Principal. Students have already commenced their duties helping out with events such as the House Breakfasts and the P&F Family Picnic. Thank you to all leaders for the terrific work they are doing across the School. Thanks also go to Primary Music Teacher, Jenny Coles, student instrumentalists and the Senior Choir for their wonderful performances at the Commissioning assembly.

DSC 0027small DSC 0028small DSC 0016small


Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions
Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions over the past two weeks. If you were unable to attend please find the parent handout sheets on SEQTA Engage under ‘Documents’. If you would like any further information please contact the School on 9495 8100 or myself via Direqt Message.

Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival
Parents are warmly invited to attend, and cheer at, the Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival, at the Armadale Aquatic Centre at 9:00am on Thursday 2 March. Pool entry for adult spectators is $4.00.

Parents are reminded that students should bring:

  • A packed lunch and water bottle as the canteen area and all vending machines are out of bounds to students
  • A School sports bag containing their lunch and swimming gear
  • School bathers worn underneath House polo shirt and navy sports shorts, or track top/pants 
  • Their own goggles, swimming caps and School rash shirt (optional)
  • Sport shoes to be worn to and from the venue; no thongs or sandals.

It is important to remember that hairsprays, dyes and crepe paper streamers are not permitted at the Armadale Aquatic Centre as they can affect the pool water. If you are able to help out with time keeping or judging please contact Lonneke Holleman, Head of Health and Physical Education. We are looking forward to seeing you at a fun day filled with House Spirit!

Secondary Clubs
Secondary Clubs for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are all underway. Thank you to parents for your support of this important aspect of school life at John Wollaston. Participation in a Club is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and to ‘give back’ to the School. Queries about Club membership may be directed to David Crawford, Co-Curricular Coordinator. The Beauty Club runs on Wednesday afternoons. They learn the techniques that professionals use to create nails, hair and skin that others envy. This week students were making a cushion for meditation and relaxation session to follow next week.

DSC 0073SMALL DSC 0074SMALL DSC 0053small
DSC 0063small DSC 0057small DSC 0047LAST

In the Numero Club they enjoy number games, socialising and Chess.

DSC 0004small DSC 0014small DSC 0030small
DSC 0046small DSC 0044SMALL DSC 0015small
DSC 0029small DSC 0043last DSC 0026small

Tutorials for Middle and Upper Secondary students have now commenced. These important gatherings, held during lunchtimes and after school, enhance the content delivered in subject/course class sessions. They offer a valuable opportunity for students to work on areas of difficulty or challenge and skills such exam techniques, as well as receive individualised teacher attention. A huge thank you goes to the secondary staff who provide this valuable service to our students. Please look for the 2017 Fortnightly Tutorials schedule under ‘Documents’ in SEQTA Engage.

Hospitality Alive!
Congratulations to our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students, who have been showcasing their skills catering for school morning tea events, as well as offering Tuesday morning breakfasts to staff. Hospitality Co-coordinator, Susan Leach is hoping to expand this delicious service to our parent community in the coming weeks so watch this space!


See more Hospitality pics in VET/Careers

February Value Added Programme (VAP) Highlights
Over the past month students have been working on these things in VAP:

  • ‘Career Voyage’ matching areas of skill and interest to possible future careers
  • Target/goal setting and study time planning
  • Unpacking 2016 ATAR results and learning how the ATAR is calculated
  • Focusing on personal best and working on controlling the things we can!
  • Study skills

Bag Boxes
This week has seen the successful introduction of a new initiative in the Secondary School aimed at reducing the detrimental effects of heavy school bags on adolescent backs and shoulders, with each secondary student being assigned a Bag Box.

At the start of the school day students will store their school bag in their Bag Box where it will remain until home time. Students will take out any equipment they require for House Group, Session 1 and Session 2. Students will return to their Bag Box during recess and lunch breaks to swap over equipment for upcoming sessions. Students will be permitted to carry their sports bag to the BDISC for Physical Education lessons.

As with any change to a school routine, the students will receive support from staff. To cope with the congestion at the end of the day, Session 6 will conclude at 3.00pm to allow students additional time to collect their bags in time to catch buses. 

Growth Mindsets - Secondary Student Homework Diaries
On a final note, keeping the School’s focus on Positive Education in mind, I encourage all parents to have a read of the 2017 Student Homework Diary. Within it there is a wealth of information and strategies covering the ‘Six elements of Well-being’ with one of these elements being Meaning and Purpose = Having passion and a reason for doing what you do. Setting goals is an important part of determining this ‘passion and reason’. A big focus this year for staff and students will be to develop Growth Mindsets to set goals and grow our brain’s ability to cope with change and new challenges.

As detailed in 2017 Student Homework Diary (2017, p. 8)
Growth mindsets are about improving. A growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) occurs when you:

  • Fail well and learn from failure to discover and try new approaches to grow your brain’s abilities; welcome challenges to improve; ask for and act on advice; learn from and celebrate others’ successes
  • Believe you can make a positive difference to what happens to you through effort, developing resilient thinking
  • You think that hard work + effort = achievement

A challenge for the week - What one thing can you do this week to adopt a growth mindset?

Best wishes
Karen Ayres
Acting Director of Administration

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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Head of Primary

  • Parents and Friends Welcome Picnic                                                         BACK
  • House Coordinators
  • Canberra Tour Parent Information Session
  • SEQTA and International Baccalaureate Information Session

Parents and Friends Welcome Picnic
Thank you to all our families for attending the Parents and Friends Welcome Picnic last Wednesday night. With over 1000 people enjoying great food and entertainment, this was a wonderful initiative of the P&F and a credit to the organising committee. We have a wonderful sense of community at our school and the children all seemed to have a great time! Thank you to the many wonderful entertainers.


DSC 0051SMALL DSC 0124SMALL DSC 0156small
DSC 0199small DSC 017small0 DSC 0202SMALL

House Coordinators
Congratulations to our new House Coordinators in the Primary School. This is a new initiative to promote House Spirit and encourage fundraising and service learning. The Primary House Coordinators will be working in conjunction with the Secondary Heads of House to organise some exciting whole school activities.

Our new Primary House Leaders are:

 CHARTER smallCharter: Shannon Emmans  HALE small Hale: Lauren Downing
 RAMSDEN smallRamsden: Kirsty Robertson  SCOTT smallScott: Darcy Vidler

Canberra Tour Parent Information Session
Friday 3 March at 2.20pm, in the School Chapel
We look forward to the Year 6 Encounter Experience, a tour to Canberra in May. Staff and students will leave on Sunday May 14 and return Thursday May 18. A Parent Information Session for the Canberra Tour will take place on Friday 3 March at 2.20pm, in the School Chapel. Students will meet their parents in the Chapel and attend together. I look forward to seeing you there!

SEQTA and International Baccalaureate Information Session
Tuesday 7 March at 1.30 to 3.00pm, in the School Chapel
We will be holding an Information Session for Primary parents in the School Chapel on Tuesday 7 March at 1.30 to 3.00pm. The session will provide an overview of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and what the benefits of this programme are for our students.

To align with current practice in the Secondary School, the Primary School will be using the SEQTA online reporting system. This will enable us to adopt the practice of continuous reporting on units of inquiry as well as providing you with a concise summary of your child’s achievement each semester. Further information on the changes to reporting will be explained at the Information Session. We look forward to seeing you and continuing to work in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Healthy Eating
This week our youngest students have been leading the way with their healthy lunchboxes. It has been wonderful to see the Little Wollies including sandwiches, wraps, vegetables and fruit in their lunchboxes. We are continuing to encourage students to have fruit and vegetables for morning tea and minimise the amount of packaged and processed food.

DSC 0077small DSC 0110small DSC 0101small
lunchbox DSC 0088smallsquare DSC 0085smallsquare
DSC 0097smallsquare DSC 0095smallswuare DSC 0091smallsquare
DSC 0098small DSC 0099small DSC 0103small

We are working closely with the School Café to promote healthy eating and this week we invited our Class Representatives to provide us with ideas around healthy food that they would like to see available for sale in the Café. There were lots of creative ideas including Vietnamese rolls, frozen bananas on sticks and fruit smoothies. You will hopefully be seeing some of these foods appearing on the Café menu in the coming weeks.

Healthy Lunchbox Tip
This week, instead of including a sweet treat in your child’s lunchbox, please click on this link for some notes and jokes you may like to include. (WA Canteen Association).
Notes and Jokes

Mr Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Business Manager

  • School May Fair Saturday 6 May                                               BACK
  • Campus parking

School May Fair
We are looking forward to the School May Fair on the new date of the Saturday 6 May 2017. We have held our first very enthusiastic meeting of the Fair Committee. We welcome any parents who would like to join us or contribute any ideas. We will initally be meeting weekly on Thursdays at 2.00pm in the Primary Meeting Room at Primary Reception.

Save the Date


Stall Application Form

Campus Parking
Campus Parking guidelines

Gailene Shore

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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 VET/Careers

  • Hospitality cook up a storm                                                                    BACK
  • Charles Sturt University
  • High achieving Year 12s wishing to go to UWA

Hospitality  cook up a storm
Secondary VET Hospitality students cook up a storm for breakfast on Tuesday mornings.

DSC 0016smallTALL DSC 0015SMALLtall DSC 0023smallTALL
DSC 0029small DSC 0021small DSC 0030small
DSC 0001SMALL DSC 0026small DSC 0028small


Charles Sturt University   
Charles Sturt University together with Central Regional TAFE are delivering the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management degree at Muresk Institute. Charles Sturt University has a graduate employment rate 10% above the national average.
Muresk Open Weekend

High achieving Year 12s wishing to go to UWA

Glen Bird
VET/Careers Coordinator

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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Parents and Friends

  • P&F Welcome Picnic a great success                                                    BACK
  • 2017 AGM
  • P&F Committee for 2017
  • Best wishes to Del Nash

P&F Welcome Picnic a great success
What an amazing turnout we had at the Welcome Back Picnic last Wednesday night! Thank you to everyone who took the time to give the P&F positive feedback and praise. It was a massive leap forward and we were thrilled with how it all turned out. Watch this space for more events throughout the year!

DSC 0040wide


2017 AGM 
On Wednesday 22 February the P&F AGM for 2017 was held. It was wonderful to see three new faces come and put their hands up to be part of our merry band of parents. The Committee seems to be growing each year and the enthusiasm and passion each new person brings can only be a good thing for the school community as a whole.

But with new hellos sometimes there are sad goodbyes; our wonderful 2016 President Megan Blackman has decided to end her time on the Committee on a big high and step down from her position to spend more time with her family. As sad as we are to see her go, we know that she deserves a break after all the hard work she has done over the past several years to shape the P&F into the revitalised body that it is today. Thank you Megan!

Our wonderful Treasurer, Derek Heatherly has also decided to take a break from his position. He will continue on as a committee member to help and guide us through the next year and the new changes looming that affect associations like ours. Thank you so much Derek for all your time, expertise and patience with us and our late receipts.

P&F Committee for 2017
President   Sonja Reynolds
Vice President   Mark Del Borrello (continuing in his position)
Treasurer   Tricia Duggin (returning member of committee)
Secretary   Fiona Caruso

General Committee
Sharon Leitch, Susanne Price, Natalie Smart, Rajesh Paul, Rebecca Baskerville, Chris Asphar, and Derek Heatherly.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday the 30 March at 7.00pm in the LRC.
The meetings have changed to Thursdays for this year due to the availability of the new committee.

Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there.

Best wishes to Del Nash
Past P&F President Del Nash had a massive health scare recently but is fighting back and winning. The P&F and the school community as a whole are watching your progress Del and wishing you all the best in your recovery. What an amazing family.

Sonja Reynolds
President Parents and Friends Association


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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Community Relations

  • South-east corridor skate and scooter competition                                                    BACK

South-east corridor skate and scooter competition
The City of Armadale has teamed up with the City of Gosnells, Canning, Belmont and Headspace Armadale to deliver a south-east corridor skate and scooter competition. The local qualifier heat is this Saturday 25 February at Cross Park Skate Park in Roleystone.
Find more information here:

King of the Hills POSTER 07 PRINT.jpg   Windows Photo Viewer


Rachel Tierney

Community Relations


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Friday, 24 February 2017 08:00

Issue 2 Uniform Store

  • Summer Uniform Term 1, 2017                                                         BACK

Normal Trading Hours from Wednesday 1 February 2017 1:30pm – 3:30pm.


Please be reminded that the Summer Uniform is to be worn during Term 1 2017 as follows:

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Kindergarten to Year 2  Summer Uniform - Girls and Boys
JW shorts and red polo shirt with stripe on collar and sleeve (embroidered with School crest), navy sport socks with red and white stripe, white sneakers and JW hat.

Primary and Secondary Summer Uniform
Boys: Navy blue shorts, white shirt and long navy socks with red stripe, JW hat/cap.
Girls: Dress and crew socks with red stripe, JW hat/cap.


BoyUniformELCGirlUniformBoySummerUniformhatGirlSummmerUniformhat SummerUniBoylhatNoJumper  SummerUniGirlhatNoJumper



The Uniform Store is located at the front of the School to the right of the Administration building, near the Chapel. It has wheelchair and pram friendly access. Parking is available for visitors behind the Berry Durston Indoor Sports Centre or across the road in the Kelmscott Church of Christ carpark in white marked bays.

Uniform Store: 9495 8129
Uniform Store Coordinator: Wendy Brinner
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 12:50

Amilita comes to school

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 08:00

P&F Welcome Back Family Picnic and entertainment

A fantastic night was had by all the Parents and Friends Welcome back picnic.

Over 1000 John Wollaston community Members enjoyed the fantastic food, weather, entertainment and company.


2small 12SMALL 3small
4small 11SMALL 5small
6small 9small 8small


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