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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 10:09

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The only constant in life is change
“The only constant in life is change.” This quote from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is certainly an apt description of the times we now find ourselves in. The rapid nature of change is no doubt a direct result of the advancement of information and communication technology. We are often provided with research that indicates that many of our students will be working in occupations and professions that have not yet been invented.

The 21st Century Learner
In preparing our students for these rapidly changing times, it is imperative that we teach the skills that will be required to contribute and succeed in the decades to come. The 21st century learner must be flexible, adaptable, a problem solver and creative. When faced with situations that involve change it is important that students are given the opportunity to experience the sometimes uncomfortable feeling that is associated with change. The challenge for us as teachers and parents is to support our students through these challenging times while still allowing them to solve and work through problems on their own. These opportunities will allow students to develop resilience, determination and grit.


New School Bag Rule
At our Secondary Assembly last week, I congratulated our secondary students for the mature and responsible manner in which they have embraced our new School Bag Rule. The new school rule requires students to place their school bag in an assigned Bag Box at the beginning of the day and carry the required equipment to each of their classes. While students have missed the convenience of carrying all their possessions throughout the school day, many have reported that they have noticed some significant physical benefits of carrying less weight on their back. Another benefit of the new school rule has been the increased academic time available to teachers as students move more quickly in between sessions.


The remaining weeks of Term 1 will see Year 7 students involved in an Encounter at Fairbridge Village and Year 8 students enjoying three days at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. These will be further opportunities for our students to be placed outside their comfort zone and encouraged to embrace the challenges that these new environments will bring.


Best wishes
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

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