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Friday, 22 September 2017 14:02

Issue 15 Principal

  • Grandparents Day
  • House Shout
  • House Estedfodd
  • Art Exhibition
  • Encounters
  • Anglicare Dinner
  • 2018 Prefects

Grandparents Day


With good wishes
Anne Ford

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  • Opening of the Annual Art Exhibition 2017
  • Pegasus Society Semester 2 Pizza Lunch and Excursion
  • HPE Wellness Day
  • House Eisteddfod

Opening of the Annual Art Exhibition 2017
Students, staff and parents were treated to an evening of visual indulgence and gastronomic delights at the opening of the 2017 art exhibition last week. The exhibition was opened by special guest artists, Audrey and Arif Satar the creators of Amilita the Cow who resides in the grounds of John Wollaston. Both artists were very complimentary of the quality and range of the art work on display and noted the importance of The Arts in schools.

As guests perused the works that challenged notions of the status quo, the use of materials and encouraged interaction, they enjoyed mocktails and supper prepared and served by a more than competent Year 10 Hospitality class. The evening was rounded out by the acoustic accompaniment of Ashleigh Bydder on vocals and guitar. Congratulations to all the staff and students involved in the event.

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DSC 0162 DSC 0193 DSC 0226

Pegasus Society Semester 2 Pizza Lunch and Excursion
In the past few weeks our Pegasus Society students have had the opportunity to meet over a few slices of pizza and share their academic experiences with younger and older students including our Year 7, Pegasus Pathway students. This was a chance to exchange study tips, ask about study loads and courses with older students and encourage the younger students to keep working hard.

The Pegasus Society students then had the option to test their 21 Century Thinking Skills of creative problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking and communication during our Semester 2 excursion to Escape Hunt. The students attending worked in small groups to solve clues and ‘escape’ the room. All our teams succeeded in escaping within the allotted time and really enjoyed the experience.

HPE Wellness Day
To celebrate the importance and benefits of physical activity, John Wollaston secondary students celebrated National Health and Physical Education Day on Wednesday 6 September During extended House Group and lunch time students participated in a range of physical activities including tug-o-war, skipping, circuits, flag relays and team events such as dodge ball. It was fantastic to see students and staff whole-heartedly participate and reap the benefits of daily exercise. Special mention goes to Shanay Del Borrello and Dylan Bailey who competed in the “King of the Mountain” beep test and earned champion status for out-sprinting the other competitors. Thank you to the Physical Education staff for introducing and organising the event.


House Eisteddfod



Best wishes
Anne Harris
Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:56

Issue 15 Head of Primary

  • Inquiry Journeys
  • Grandparents' Day
  • IPSHA Inter-School Athletics
  • Encounter Experiences
  • Breaking News – Canberra Sydney 2018
  • Package Free Monday - winners

Inquiry Journeys
It was wonderful to see so many families visit our classrooms on Tuesday afternoon. The Art Exhibition was again a highlight and I thank our wonderful staff for all their hard work in creating such a great opportunity for our students to showcase their work. Our students also thoroughly enjoyed all the engaging activities provided by specialist staff (with Mrs Crawford’s sushi disappearing fast!) and were keen to collect as many stamps as possible on their inquiry passport. I thank all our staff for their commitment to our students.

Grandparents' Day
Last week we welcomed many hundreds of proud Grandparents to our School and for the first time this event was open across all year groups. The House Shout was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the huge audience in attendance. Thank you to all Grandparents for enjoying the sunshine on a wonderful John Wollaston morning. Your feedback was most positive and we look forward to building on this event next year.

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DSC 0045 DSC 0119 DSC 0096
DSC 0078 DSC 0046 DSC 0072

IPSHA Inter-School Athletics
Our Primary team performed admirably at All SaInts College recently. Several Inter-School records were set on the day by our students. Olivia Dodds, Olivia Truman, Jacob Hale and Jared Henderson were standout performers in Year 6. The whole team performed well and displayed excellent John Wollaston spirit. We also say goodbye and thank you to Miss Slattery, who has had a wonderful start to her teaching career at John Wollaston. We wish her all the best and hope to see her back at John Wollaston soon!

“On Thursday 14 September, 46 students in Years 3 to 6 travelled to All Saints College to compete at the IPSHA Inter School Athletics carnival. I would like to congratulate all athletes for competing with integrity, determination and sportsmanship. John Wollaston performed at a very high standard at the carnival with most students placing first, second, or third in at least one event. Further congratulations to Olivia Trueman and Jacob Hale in Year 6 who both broke multiple long-standing records.” Gabrielle Slattery Primary Physical Education Specialist, Term 3

Other stand out performances from the day:

Year 3:
Emily Blackmore - Long Jump (1st)
Renata Ngoy - Long Jump (3rd) 80m A (1st), 200m A (1st)
Eunice Thomas - Hurdles B (2nd)
Tafu Tali - 80m B (3rd)
Eric Nilo - Hurdles B (2nd), 80m B (2nd), 200m A (2nd)
Year 4:
Charlotte Trueman - High Jump A (3rd), Hurdles B (1st), 80m B (1st), 200m A (3rd)
Serah Waqanivavalagi - High Jump B (2nd), Long Jump (2nd)
Bryce Reed - High Jump A (2nd) Hurdles B (1st)
Owen Cumine - High Jump B (1st)
Couper Downing- Hurdles A (2nd), 80m A (1st)
Year 5:
Ella Regan- 100m B (3rd)
Year 6:
Olivia Trueman - 400m B (1st), Triple Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), Turbo Javelin (3rd), Hurdles A (1st), 100m B (1st), 200m A (1st)
Olivia Dodds - 400m A (2nd), Long Jump (3rd), 100m A (1st), 200m B (1st)
Ashlyn Christie - Hurdles B (1st)
Jared Henderson - 400m B (1st) Long Jump (3rd), High Jump B (1st), Hurdles A (1st), 100m A (1st)
Jacob Hale - Triple Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), High Jump A (1st), 200m A (1st)
Blessing Mashingaidze - Hurdles B (1st), 100m B (2nd)

Encounter Experiences
What great experiences our students have had late this Term! The Year 3’s had a full day at Bickley Camp and enjoyed activities such as the Flying Fox and African drumming. The Year 4’s had a action packed Amazing Race in the city and then were treated to a special surprise; their own cinema screen for the movie Paper Planes! The Year 5’s had an exhausting and brilliant two night, there day camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Activities included rock climbing, archery, canoeing and the Possum Glider. The feedback from parents has been excellent and we look forward to our last Encounter Experience – the Year 2 overseas trip in November!


Breaking News – Canberra Sydney 2018
A new addition to the itinerary for next year’s Year 6 Encounter; all the usual Canberra sites, plus a visit to Sydney to experience Taronga Zoo and the Opera House! We will travel by bus to Sydney on the Thursday morning after visiting the Governor General at Government House and then fly home direct from Sydney. Year 5 families will find more information regarding Canberra Sydney 2018 via a letter on SEQTA which was posted today.

Package Free Monday – Congratulations Kingfisher Class!


This morning at Assembly it was announced that the Kingfisher Class had the most students bring in package free lunches throughout Term 3. This meant that they were eating natural foods, reducing the amount of processed food and preservatives and helping improve their health. At the same time they were also helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste. On average a child who has a disposable lunch generates three pieces of rubbish per day, which equals an incredible 30kg of waste per child per year! As a reward, the Kingfisher Class will go down to the domestic kitchen in the Technology Centre at the start of next term and have fun making their own morning tea! Thank you for all your support and we look forward to Package Free Monday going from strength to strength in Term 4.


This week’s healthy recipe is provided by our Library teacher Haylee Godfrey. You may like to make these over the holidays.

Apricot and Almond Truffles
150g dried apricots
110g ram almonds
70g seeded medjool dates
½ lemon, zested
1 ½ tbsp. chia seeds
30g nude ginger dried, but not crystallised
30g dried cranberries
½ tsp vanilla essence

  1. Process almonds, chia seeds and lemon zest until it is a fine crumble.
  2. Add apricots and dates and process until fine pieces.
  3. Add ginger, cranberries and vanilla essence and process until mixture comes together.
  4. If mixture is a bit dry, add a tsp of water at a time until the dough easily sticks together when pressed between your fingers. It shouldn’t be dry or crumbly.
  5. Roll dough into balls and roll in coconut.
  6. Best kept frozen.


Best wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary


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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:55

Issue 15 Business Manager

  • The new Upper Primary Centre - Its time to move in!                                                BACK
  • The 2017 "Win your School Fees for a year" Raffle

The new Upper Primary Centre - Its time to move in!
The exciting build for the new Upper Primary Centre is going well and staff and students are looking forward to moving in for Term 4.

The 2017 "Win your School Fees for a year" Raffle
The 2017 "Win your School Fees for a year" Raffle will be launched at the beginning of Term 4. A fantastic chance to win your fees paid for a whole school year. Any proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of the Library Resource Centre.

Gailene Shore
Business Manager

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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:55

Issue 15 VET/Careers

  • Chalk Café
  • Technology Week Invitation

Chalk Café
The Chalk Café will be open for Coffee and Cake on Tuesday 10 October.

Technology Week Invitation


Best wishes
Susan Leach
VET/Careers Coordinator
Hospitality Coordinator

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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:53

Issue 15 Parents and Friends

  • Thank you                                                           BACK
  • Bunnings Sausage Sizzle 
  • Disco - Festival of Lights Friday 20 October
  • Annual Sundowner - Wednesday 22 November
  • Morning Tea – Chalk Café

Thank you
A massive thank you to all the wonderful parents who come along and help the P&F at all our various events during the year, from serving tea and coffees at Grandparents Day to selling a sausage or a soft drink at our Bunnings Sausage Sizzle days. We couldn't do all that we do without you!

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle 
The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle raised $1000 and was a great day out for everyone involved. These funds help pay for events like our end of year Sundowner where parents and staff get to mingle and enjoy a relaxed chat at the end of the year. See information below.

image5 image2 image4

Disco - Festival of Lights Friday 20 October
Our second and last disco of the year is happening on Friday 20 October. This event is always well attended, especially by our year 7s who are enjoying their last Disco with the Primary school. Tickets are only $5 at the Door. Session details are on the flyer attached.

Please note that all students in the K-2 session will need an adult to stay with them the whole time in the disco. This disco is our special Diwali disco that celebrates the Festival of Lights so make sure you wear your best and brightest.


Annual Sundowner - Wednesday 22 November
Wednesday 22 November will be our second annual P&F Sundowner. Held in the Technology Centre at John Wollaston with catering by our wonderful JWACS hospitality students. This is a wonderful opportunity for our staff and parents to get together to mingle and informally celebrate another successful year at JWACS. Please note that this is an adult only event.

Follow the link to secure your RSVP for catering purposes.

Morning Tea – Chalk Café
We know that night time commitments with small children can be hard, that's why the Committee is trying new ways to connect with the school community.

On the first Tuesday of every month during school term time, some of the Committee will be at the Chalk Café to have a cuppa and a chat with anyone who would like to come down and find out what the P&F are doing or talk about some ideas of their own. We are all busy parents just like you and would love to see new faces and hear new voices discussing how we make our terrific school an even better place to be for our children, or just meet a new friend. So drop the kids at class and come on down to the Chalk Café in the Technology Centre.

Last Chalk Café for 2017:

  • Tuesday 10 October (Last Chalk Café of the year due to Year 12 finishing)


P&F Meeting dates 2017 Library Resource Centre (LRC) 7:00pm

Thursday 12 October 
Thursday 9 November 

If you have any questions or suggestions please make contact with the P&F via email, in person around the School or come along to one of our meetings in the LRC. Everyone is welcome! 

Sonja Reynolds
President Parents and Friends Association

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P&F Committee for 2017

President: Sonja Reynolds
Vice President: Mark Del Borrello 
Treasurer: Tricia Duggin
Secretary: Fiona Caruso

General Committee:
Chris Asphar, Rebecca Baskerville, Derek Heatherly, Sharon Leitch, Rajesh Paul, Susanne Price and Natalie Smart. 

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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:52

Issue 15 Community Relations

  • Anglicare Dinner                                                               BACK
  • Vacswim
  • York Garden Park
  • Save the Children
  • Grandparents Day
  • Bookweek - link to facebook album?
  • Athletics - link to facebook album?
  • House Shout - Vimeo videos???

Best wishes
Community Relations


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Friday, 22 September 2017 13:50

Issue 15 Uniform Store - Summer

  • Term 4 Summer Uniform is to be worn                                     BACK

Students return for Term 4 in full Summer Uniform on Tuesday 10 October.

Holiday Trading

Friday 6 October 8:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday 7 October 8:00am – 11:00am
Tuesday 10 October 8:00am – 10:00am and 1:30pm -3:30pm
Wednesday 11 October 8:00am – 10:00am


Early Learning Centre (ELC) Kindergarten to Year 2  Summer Uniform - Girls and Boys
JW shorts and red polo shirt with stripe on collar and sleeve (embroidered with School crest), navy sport socks with red and white stripe, white sneakers and JW hat.

Primary and Secondary Summer Uniform
Boys: Navy blue shorts, white shirt and long navy socks with red stripe, JW hat/cap.
Girls: Dress and crew socks with red stripe, JW hat/cap.


BoyUniformELCGirlUniformBoySummerUniformhatGirlSummmerUniformhat SummerUniBoylhatNoJumper  SummerUniGirlhatNoJumper


Uniform Requirements

to Year 2

Years 3 to Year 6

Years 7 to Year 12


PriimaryUniformBrochure FRONTPAGEsm


Eearly Childhood
Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2
Uniform Price List 

Primary Years 3 to 6
Summer Uniform Price List

Primary Years 3 to 6 
Winter Uniform Price List 

Secondary Years 7 to 12
 Summer Uniform Price List

Secondary Years 7 to 12
Winter Uniform Price List 

 All credit cards purchases will incur a 0.88% surcharge.



The Uniform Store is located at the front of the School to the right of the Administration building, near the Chapel. It has wheelchair and pram friendly access. Parking is available for visitors behind the Berry Durston Indoor Sports Centre or across the road in the New Spring Church carpark in white marked bays.

Uniform Store: 9495 8129
Uniform Store Coordinator: Wendy Brinner
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Friday, 08 September 2017 00:00

Issue 14 Principal

  • SEEDS Forum well-received                                    BACK
  • Athletics success
  • Secondary House Eisteddfod
  • Grandparents' Day

SEEDS Forum well received
Thank you to the parents and staff who attended the SEEDS Forum on Tuesday evening earlier this week. Clinical Psychologist Sally Green delivered an informative and practical presentation on the topic Dealing with Anxiety and Depression in Childhood and Adolescence, followed by a short question and answer session. Sally's warm and friendly manner was well-received and we all left feeling more informed and equipped to deal with these two important mental health issues.

We have a number of SEEDS Forums planned for 2018 and will publish these prior to the end of the year. Should you wish to find out more about a particular educational or social issue, please contact my Academic Assistant, Karen Ayres, as we are keen to build our programme around issues that are relevant to our school community.

Athletics success
It has been a very successful Athletics season for the School. Commencing with the inaugural Wollaston Dash which saw a team from each House comprising students from Years 7 - 12 race around the campus, the students then participated in Inter-House Carnivals and more recently our Inter School Carnivals. Congratulations to all students who represented John Wollaston with commitment, pride and sportsmanship. The Secondary team is to be commended on finishing second in their meet - testimony to some outstanding individual and team performances. Next year, we plan to involve the Primary in the Wollaston Dash to make it an exciting whole school event.

Secondary House Eisteddfod
Twenty students performed in the inaugural House Eisteddfod this week. The staff judges Nick Tanner, Vania McGowan and Blake Phillips were impressed by the quality of the vocal and instrumental performances with all participants being awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificate which contributed a number of points to their House. Congratulations to all involved. The victorious House will be announced at the Colours Assembly in Week 10.

Grandparents' Day
A reminder that next Friday is Grandparents' Day. This is always one of the happiest days of the school year and for the first time at John Wollaston will involve the Secondary School.

Grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents (yes we have had some attend in past years) are all welcome. Please encourage the senior members in your family to attend. The morning will commence with an assembly for the whole school in the Berry Durston Indoor Sports Centre, followed by an opportunity to visit our Annual Art Exhibition and attend classrooms to spend time with grandchildren. I look forward to this very special occasion.

With good wishes
Anne Ford

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Friday, 08 September 2017 00:00

Issue 14 Director of Administration 2017

  • Year 12 ATAR Semester 2 Examinations                                    BACK
  • Year 12 ATAR WACE Examinations – written and practical
  • YEAR 12 VALEDICTORY – Thursday 19 October

Year 12 ATAR Semester 2 Examinations
Examinations commence Monday 2 October and conclude Monday 9 October. Students have received their copy of the Semester 2 Year 12 Examination schedule. For your reference, you may access this schedule in the Documents section of SEQTA.
All Year 12 students commence Term 4 on Tuesday 10 October, with all other year groups.

Year 12 ATAR WACE Examinations – written and practical
Please access the schedules for these examinations in the Documents section of SEQTA. With the exception of Japanese: Second Language, the School will be an Examination Centre for the ATAR written examinations for our students, as shown below.
01 November 0920 PHY: Physics
01 November 1400 HIM: Modern History
02 November 0920 ENG: English
03 November 0920 MAM: Mathematics Methods
06 November 0920 CHE: Chemistry
07 November 0920 HBY: Human Biology
08 November 0920 MAA: Mathematics Applications
08 November 1400 MAS: Mathematics Specialist
10 November 0920 ECO: Economics
10 November 1400 PES: Physical Education Studies
13 November 0920 BLY: Biology
14 November 0920 GEO: Geography
15 November 1400 VAR: Visual Arts

YEAR 12 VALEDICTORY – Thursday 19 October
Please RSVP and purchase your tickets for the supper following Valedictory by Tuesday 26 September.

Nick Tanner
Director of Administration

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