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Issue 18 Head of Primary

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Year 6 Valedictory

Year 6 Valedictory and PYP Exhibition  - Monday 28 November 6.00pm

Primary Praise and Thanksgiving Ceremony

Primary Praise and Thanksgiving (Year 2-6) -Tuesday 6 December 8.50am


We have a wonderful Praise and Thanksgiving Ceremony planned for Tuesday 6 December, the last day of School. Please come along and join us on this special morning to celebrate all the great things that have happened in our school over the year and to farewell our Year 6 students. Parents and children from our Early Learning Centre are very welcome to join the audience and watch the older children receive their awards. There are many musical performances and it is certainly a wonderful occasion. Please join us at 8.50am in the BDISC. All students from Year 2 to Year 6 are required to attend in formal Summer Uniform.

Kindergarten Orientation
On Wednesday 16 November we welcomed many new parents to John Wollaston at our Kindy Orientation morning. This event is designed to give our new and existing families a thorough introduction to our School. Many of our new students come to John Wollaston on the recommendation of friends and family and this adds to the positive atmosphere in our Early Learning Centre. We are proud of our play based early learning philosophy that is embedded in the framework of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Our families appreciate this holistic approach to learning, where we encourage children to inquire, explore and investigate as part of our intentional teaching. Starting at an early age, we want our students to learn the essential life skills of collaboration and sharing with others. We have a wonderful Kindergarten team with dedicated teachers and Education Assistants making such a positive impact in our School.

Orientation Day
Today all Pre-Primary to Year 6 students experienced a morning in the class they are likely to be part of next year. We welcomed over 25 new students to our Primary School, in addition to a large number of new Year 7 students for 2017 who enjoyed a great morning in the Secondary School. Each new student was thrilled to receive a buddy letter in the post from an existing John Wollaston student, as a welcome to our School. That same student then buddied up with their new friend as part of Orientation Day. All students were very excited and had a great morning bonding with each other and our staff. Thank you to Deputy Head of Primary, Fiona Shand for her excellent work in organising such a special day for our students.

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Rottnest Island Encounter

On Thursday 17 November the Year 2s had a big day out at Rottnest Island. A very excited group of staff and students boarded the Rottnest Express, arriving at the island in quick time to marvel at the many quokkas, take in the sights, complete some stimulating learning activities and build up an appetite for Subway, Simmo’s Icecream and a yummy afternoon tea. Thank you to Year 2 teachers, Jo Burman and Kirsty Robertson for organising a wonderful Encounter experience. Thank you also to the many staff who attended, making such a wonderful day possible.

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Instrumental Performance Bites - Early Learning Centre
On Tuesday 15 November, a number of our ELC instrumental students had the opportunity to perform for their peers, teachers and parents. I love watching our younger students perform. They are brave and very talented! Well done to everyone who participated. Thank you to Music Coordinator, Rory Marchant for organising this event.

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Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

Book Fair Success!
The 2016 Book Fair was once again met with a buzz of excitement by our students. This year was our most successful ever, selling $7043.10 worth of books and novelty items. From this fantastic figure the Library Resource Centre was able to purchase approximately $1000 worth of books and we have a further $1200 to spend on Scholastic books throughout 2017. The Library staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support of this event.

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Sharon Hanson
Head of Library Services

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