Friday, 02 December 2016 08:00

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New Upper Primary Build
There was great excitement around the School campus on Tuesday 29 November as a giant crane delivered the temporary classrooms for the Year 5 and Year 6 classes for 2017. These students will have the best views in the School as they await the stunning re-development of the senior Primary areas.

build8 build11 build10
I am pleased to advise that the upgrade of the current H Block to Upper Primary will commence in mid-December 2016. It is intended to be a nine month build. The new designs, whilst sympathetic to the existing architecture of the School, will be distinguished by living green exterior features, light and spacious interiors, an uninterrupted view of the hills and a colour palette suited to older Primary children. It promises to be an excellent facility for the School. 
The new additions and alterations to the current building will create an amazing new centre which will contain six modern learning areas for Years 5 and 6; a specialist teaching area; a dedicated home of Primary Music; IT Support and Help Desk Office; large central space; staff meeting area and toilets; storerooms and covered outdoor areas. 

Upper Primary re-development 2017 viewed from the School oval.


Architects' drawing of the refurbishment of H Block for the redevelopment of the Primary School.

Stunning new entrance, viewed from the central walkway into the campus.

H Block in 2016.

build8 build11 build10
build9 build6 build5

Gailene Shore
Business Manager


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