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Issue 19 Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

  • 2017 Booklists on the website
  • Year 7 Exhibition
  • Year 7 and Primary Salvation Army Donation
  • Pegasus Pathway 7 - Book In A Day
  • Inter-House Rowing Regatta 2016
  • Year 10 River Cruise
  • Praise and Thanksgiving ceremonies
  • Photography Competiton - Art
  • MacBooks
  • Final Academic Reports
  • Merry Christmas

The past few weeks have been very busy in the Secondary School. Students have been involved in many activities and events happening on and off the campus.

2017 Booklists availavble
Secondary Booklist for 2017 are now all available on the website, SEQTA and the School App.

Year 7 Exhibition
Our Year 7s have been flat out working on their Exhibition to showcase the work they had produced for their Inquiry into Express Yourself. The quality of the work was excellent and included some very thought provoking and challenging themes. I especially enjoyed Lucy Butterfield-Cole’s Extinction Tree and Cody Wisson’s Isolation for their strong social commentary and the drawing quality of Kaan Yakacikli’s charcoal piece.

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Year 7 and Primary Salvation Army Donation
Mr Paul Hetherington from the Salvation Army was thrilled to receive a huge food donation from the hard working Year 7 group and our Primary Students. The Year 7s have been working with the Salvation Army all year as part of their year-long EncounteR7 programme. The Primary Class Representatives have also worked hard collecting donations from the Primary classes. A big thank you to everyone involved from the Salvation Army.



Pegasus Pathway 7 - Book In A Day
A group of Pegasus Pathway 7 students took time out from preparing for the Exhibition to write a Book In A Day. The two teams wrote, illustrated and collated a book each of no less than 2000 words between 8:30am and 3:00pm. The collaboration and comradery within each tam was lovely to see. A special thanks to Ms Terpon, Head of English, for the training session and supervision on the day. After returning from the Year 7 survivalist camp, twenty Year 7 girls travelled to UWA with Science teacher, Mrs LeVaillant, to enjoy a day of campus activities as part of the Girls in Engineering programme. 

Year 10 River Cruise
Our Year 10 students finished the year with an evening of fun and dancing on the annual Year 10 River Cruise. The Heads of House and Nick Jones Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care joined students to cruise up the Swan River. They were impressed with the views of the new Perth Stadium and other developments on the Burswood Peninsula. On the return journey, the Skipper cruised into Elizabeth Quay to give the students a close-up experience of this new Perth attraction. Supper included delicious Crust Pizzas and an endless supply of cool drink. This event was a fantastic culmination of the school year and the students should be proud of the way they conducted themselves throughout the evening.

IMG 1025 IMG 1027

Prize and Thanksgiving ceremonies
Congratulations to those students who have had their academic endeavours, excellent citizenship qualities, House spirit or sporting prowess recognised in the Prize and Thanksgiving ceremonies. However, these students only represent a small part of our student body and so I congratulate all the students who have worked their hardest, given of their best and taken full advantage of all the activities and events throughout the year, it is you who make the School the wonderful place it is.

Inter-House Rowing Regatta 2016
It was a fantastic day for the Inter-House Rowing Regatta at Bayswater on Sunday 20 November. Once again Ramsden took home the cup.  A fantastic effort by all crews in slightly windy conditions.


For more pictures  of the Regatta go to Community Relations.

Photography Compeition - Art
The Art Department recently had a photography competition for Year 9 Art students who went on an excursion to Castaways Sculpture Awards in Rockingham in late October.The winners were: first Sasha Lewin, second Madeleine Sallie and third Ella Clements.


Ella Clements photo comp Madelaine Sallie b Sasha Lewin b

Photos by Ella Clements, Madelaine Sallie and Sasha Lew.

Thank you to all the students who handed in their MacBooks on time. You will be able to collect them again from the IT office as of the second week in January, 2017. 
The only exception are the current Year 9 students in 2016 who are purchasing their Macbook, these will be available from Wednesday 14 December.

Final Academic Reports
Finally, a reminder that Final Academic Reports will be available through the Engage and Learn portals.
Notes on interpreting the report can be found under the ‘document’ tab of the portals. Parents and students are encouraged to download and save a copy of the report for their own records.

Merry Christmas
I wish all our parents and student a safe, relaxing and fun filled Christmas holiday. I will see you in Term 2 when I return from my travels through South America and Antarctica.

Anne Harris
Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

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