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End of year events
This is a special time of the year as we celebrate the students' achievements as a school community. On Monday evening I attended the Year 6 Valedictory and PYP Exhibition, an important occasion to acknowledge our senior Primary students. The students were invited to reflect on their Primary years, take pride in their many achievements and begin to look forward to the next phase of their schooling. Whilst there were some nostalgic moments during the Valedictory, the overwhelming mood was one of excitement. The Exhibition, which is the culmination of the PYP, provided an opportunity to engage with the students about their learning. As I have come to expect, the students were articulate, confident and knowledgeable. Congratulations to our Year 6 students and class teachers, Glyn Teape, Zayja Monteleone and Tori Watson on their fine work this year.

On Tuesday evening Year 10 and 11 students celebrated Praise and Thanksgiving with The Right Reverend Jeremy James tssf Assistant Bishop of Perth in attendance. It was a successful evening acknowledging the many achievements of our students. Head Prefects Elect Jayden Asmus and Grace Warnes delivered their first major address with confidence and poise.

This morning's Early Learning Nativity was a delight to conclude the week. It is always the happiest of occasions with family members as excited as the participants themselves. Congratulations to our Early Learning Centre staff and the children for their wonderful production, which was full of energy, colour and character. The community carol singing affirmed the importance of the impending birth of the Christ child, Jesus.

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Next week we hold Praise and Thanksgiving for Year 7, 8 and 9 students on Monday morning at 9.00am and Primary Praise and Thanksgiving on Tuesday morning at 9.00am. I look forward to seeing you at these special occasions.

New Head of Mathematics
I am delighted to announce the appointment of Wendy Surgeson as our new Head of Mathematics in the Secondary School. Mrs Surgeson who has been the Acting Head of Mathematics this year due to the secondment of Suzie Harman to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, was the successful applicant following a thorough external selection process. A familiar face to many school families, Mrs Surgeson is a highly experienced teacher who began her career in South Africa. She has worked at John Wollaston for nearly 16 years, teaching Mathematics to students from Year 7 to Year 12. Mrs Surgeson is passionate about the teaching and learning of Mathematics and is keen to see closer links between the Primary School and her Department. I have no doubt that under her watch, the study of Mathematics at John Wollaston will continue to flourish.

Staff Farewells
We bid farewell and thank you to several staff who finish their time at John Wollaston at the end of the School year. In particular I would like to acknowledge the outstanding service of long serving staff members Suzie Harman, Nan Meredith and Toni Wheeler who between them have given almost 60 years service. Mrs Harman has joined the School Curriculum and Standards Authority as a Principal Consultant and Mrs Meredith and Mrs Wheeler have chosen to retire.
Departing staff are as follows:

Sabrina Agland (Year 3) to Pt Hedland
Nel de Jonge (Student Services Receptionist) to retirement
Suzie Harman (Head of Mathematics) to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority
Molly Fernandes (Year 5) has completed her contract
Sally McArthur (Year 3) has completed her contract
Nan Meredith (Primary Teacher Librarian) to retirement
Jonathan Palmer (Primary Japanese) has completed his contract
Louisa Searle (Kindergarten) has completed her contract
Michelle Underwood (Education Assistant) has completed her contract
Toni Wheeler (Education Assistant) to retirement
James Winter (presently on leave) to Christmas Island District High School

Student Farewells
This year we bid farewell to a number of students who moving on to further education, training or the workforce. Several of our "leavers" are relocating within the metropolitan area or interstate with their families necessitating a change of school. On behalf of the staff, I thank them for their contribution to the School and wish them great success and happiness in the future.

With good wishes
Anne Ford


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