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  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions
  • Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival
  • Secondary Clubs
  • Tutorials
  • Hospitality Alive!
  • February Value Added Programme (VAP) Highlights
  • Bag Boxes
  • Growth Mindsets - Secondary Student Homework Diaries

Commissioning of the 2017 Student Leaders
Last Friday 17 February we held our assembly for the Commissioning of Student Leaders. Secondary School Prefects, Year 12 House Seniors, Year 11 Peer Support Leaders, Year 8 to Year 12 House Councillors, along with Primary Captains and Primary Class Representatives were presented to the Principal. Students have already commenced their duties helping out with events such as the House Breakfasts and the P&F Family Picnic. Thank you to all leaders for the terrific work they are doing across the School. Thanks also go to Primary Music Teacher, Jenny Coles, student instrumentalists and the Senior Choir for their wonderful performances at the Commissioning assembly.

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Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions
Thank you to all parents who were able to attend the Year 10, 11 and 12 Parent Information Sessions over the past two weeks. If you were unable to attend please find the parent handout sheets on SEQTA Engage under ‘Documents’. If you would like any further information please contact the School on 9495 8100 or myself via Direqt Message.

Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival
Parents are warmly invited to attend, and cheer at, the Secondary Inter-House Swimming Carnival, at the Armadale Aquatic Centre at 9:00am on Thursday 2 March. Pool entry for adult spectators is $4.00.

Parents are reminded that students should bring:

  • A packed lunch and water bottle as the canteen area and all vending machines are out of bounds to students
  • A School sports bag containing their lunch and swimming gear
  • School bathers worn underneath House polo shirt and navy sports shorts, or track top/pants 
  • Their own goggles, swimming caps and School rash shirt (optional)
  • Sport shoes to be worn to and from the venue; no thongs or sandals.

It is important to remember that hairsprays, dyes and crepe paper streamers are not permitted at the Armadale Aquatic Centre as they can affect the pool water. If you are able to help out with time keeping or judging please contact Lonneke Holleman, Head of Health and Physical Education. We are looking forward to seeing you at a fun day filled with House Spirit!

Secondary Clubs
Secondary Clubs for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are all underway. Thank you to parents for your support of this important aspect of school life at John Wollaston. Participation in a Club is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and to ‘give back’ to the School. Queries about Club membership may be directed to David Crawford, Co-Curricular Coordinator. The Beauty Club runs on Wednesday afternoons. They learn the techniques that professionals use to create nails, hair and skin that others envy. This week students were making a cushion for meditation and relaxation session to follow next week.

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In the Numero Club they enjoy number games, socialising and Chess.

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Tutorials for Middle and Upper Secondary students have now commenced. These important gatherings, held during lunchtimes and after school, enhance the content delivered in subject/course class sessions. They offer a valuable opportunity for students to work on areas of difficulty or challenge and skills such exam techniques, as well as receive individualised teacher attention. A huge thank you goes to the secondary staff who provide this valuable service to our students. Please look for the 2017 Fortnightly Tutorials schedule under ‘Documents’ in SEQTA Engage.

Hospitality Alive!
Congratulations to our Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students, who have been showcasing their skills catering for school morning tea events, as well as offering Tuesday morning breakfasts to staff. Hospitality Co-coordinator, Susan Leach is hoping to expand this delicious service to our parent community in the coming weeks so watch this space!


See more Hospitality pics in VET/Careers

February Value Added Programme (VAP) Highlights
Over the past month students have been working on these things in VAP:

  • ‘Career Voyage’ matching areas of skill and interest to possible future careers
  • Target/goal setting and study time planning
  • Unpacking 2016 ATAR results and learning how the ATAR is calculated
  • Focusing on personal best and working on controlling the things we can!
  • Study skills

Bag Boxes
This week has seen the successful introduction of a new initiative in the Secondary School aimed at reducing the detrimental effects of heavy school bags on adolescent backs and shoulders, with each secondary student being assigned a Bag Box.

At the start of the school day students will store their school bag in their Bag Box where it will remain until home time. Students will take out any equipment they require for House Group, Session 1 and Session 2. Students will return to their Bag Box during recess and lunch breaks to swap over equipment for upcoming sessions. Students will be permitted to carry their sports bag to the BDISC for Physical Education lessons.

As with any change to a school routine, the students will receive support from staff. To cope with the congestion at the end of the day, Session 6 will conclude at 3.00pm to allow students additional time to collect their bags in time to catch buses. 

Growth Mindsets - Secondary Student Homework Diaries
On a final note, keeping the School’s focus on Positive Education in mind, I encourage all parents to have a read of the 2017 Student Homework Diary. Within it there is a wealth of information and strategies covering the ‘Six elements of Well-being’ with one of these elements being Meaning and Purpose = Having passion and a reason for doing what you do. Setting goals is an important part of determining this ‘passion and reason’. A big focus this year for staff and students will be to develop Growth Mindsets to set goals and grow our brain’s ability to cope with change and new challenges.

As detailed in 2017 Student Homework Diary (2017, p. 8)
Growth mindsets are about improving. A growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) occurs when you:

  • Fail well and learn from failure to discover and try new approaches to grow your brain’s abilities; welcome challenges to improve; ask for and act on advice; learn from and celebrate others’ successes
  • Believe you can make a positive difference to what happens to you through effort, developing resilient thinking
  • You think that hard work + effort = achievement

A challenge for the week - What one thing can you do this week to adopt a growth mindset?

Best wishes
Karen Ayres
Acting Director of Administration

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