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Welcome back Picnic and Entertainment a great success
The school community is still buzzing following the success of the P&F Picnic and Entertainment evening last week. It was a terrific event with approximately 1000 people enjoying the food trucks, entertainment and a warm night. I have no doubt it was the largest family gathering of this nature in the history of the School. P&F President Megan Blackman and her hardworking committee deserve thanks and congratulations in equal measure. Their goals of "friend raising" and building community spirit were certainly achieved.


P&F Association AGM
Thank you to the parents who attended the AGM on Wednesday of this week. Deserved thanks were extended to the outgoing Committee led by President Megan Blackman. Under their watch, there have been many achievements including the distribution of the P&F Levy, organisation of student discos, construction of the Early Learning nature playground, supporting a range of school events, the inaugural P&F Sundowner and the Welcome back Picnic, to list a few. I look forward to working with incoming President Sonja Reynolds and her Committee.

Commissioning of Student Leaders
One of the highlights of the first month of the school year is the Commissioning of the student leaders. Last Friday, the 2017 student leadership group pledged their commitment to their roles in front of the whole school who, in return, pledged to support their leaders. Thank you to the many parents and grandparents who attended this occasion. One of the pleasing trends over the years has been to observe the growing number of Primary School leaders who aspire to and ultimately assume leadership roles in the Secondary School. This is testament to the range of leadership opportunities we offer our students, the value so many students place on leading, guiding and supporting their peers and the pride in representing their school. Congratulations to the 110 students who have been appointed to leadership positions for 2017. It is an honour to represent one's peers and the staff and I look forward to working with them all throughout the year.

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Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets
This year the School has taken a stronger stance on matters affecting the health and well-being of students. Examples include the Café making healthier food items, the request for fruit and vegetables to be a larger proportion of the school day diet and the Bag Box initiative, in the Secondary School, to reduce the impact of heavy school bags on students' shoulders and spines. 

Another issue we wish to address is Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets. These now seem to be in many schools, offices and shops as a matter of course. Indeed, they have been prolific at John Wollaston in recent years to raise money for a host of causes including our own overseas tours. Whilst the chocolates and lollies are an inexpensive, tempting snack for those with a sweet tooth and therefore an easy fundraiser, they are of little nutritional value. Naturally students don’t wish to disappoint their friends and often buy the confectionary knowing that they, too, could be selling a box in the future. Unfortunately, some students too readily eat these snacks as a substitute for a healthy morning tea or lunch which is cause for concern. Having discussed this issue with staff who are of the same mind, I wish to advise that from the beginning of March, students and staff will not be permitted to sell Fundraising Chocolates and Sweets at school. This decision does not include the sweet treats that are sold at Primary Lightning Lunches, Founders' Day or House food stalls. These are special occasions and not daily fare. Thank you in anticipation of your support of this change.

The School Ball
The wait is over! The Year 12s will be attending the School Ball this evening at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel, the venue which has looked after us well for a number of years. In the lead up to this event, the students have been briefed by myself and Deputy Principal Nick Jones about the expectations involved in attending a formal function and I have interviewed all outside partners, including former John Wollaston students. It is always a pleasure to welcome back past students to the Ball and make acquaintance with young people from other schools and workplaces. In my experience our School Balls have been wonderful occasions - they are a true rite of passage for our senior students who have responded maturely by bringing credit to themselves and the School. Thank you to the Prefects who have worked hard in preparation for this event. I look forward to tonight being another memorable occasion.

With good wishes
Anne Ford


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