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Primary Swimming Carnivals  
Thank you to all parents for braving the warm weather and joining us for another wonderful swimming carnival. The House Spirit was fantastic and all students had a most enjoyable carnival. Thank you to Primary Physical Education Co-ordinator Mel Fowler for organising this event. Yesterday the JWACS Inter-School swimming team performed admirably at Wesley College. Many of our students placed in their events in what seemed to be one of our most successful carnivals. At Assembly this morning I acknowledged the fine effort of Jacob Hale in Year 6, who won two events; the butterfly and freestyle. For the freestyle Jacob created a new inter-school record, with a time of 32.18 seconds for the 50 metres. This is a great achievement; well done, Jacob! I also recognised the bravery of Megan Gray for swimming extremely well while in some physical discomfort and the determination of Emily Beaman, who volunteered to replace an injured team member in extra events. We do care for each other at John Wollaston! Well done to all students who competed at both swimming carnivals.

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Buddy Classes
Last Friday 3 March we had our first ‘Buddy Class’ session as part of our Friday Connections programme. This involved all the students being ‘buddied’ up with students in another year level. It was wonderful to walk around the School and see the positive interactions between the students of different ages. Year 4 and 5 students were helping the Year 1 students with their science experiments, the Dingoes were teaching the Possums how to play Numero and the Quokka and Kookaburra classes worked together to make origami girls to acknowledge and celebrate Girl’s Day in Japan. Friday Connections are all about giving our students the opportunity to connect with a variety of different people throughout the School. This includes connecting through Choir, House Spirit and Buddy Classes.


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Healthy Drinking
With the recent hot weather, it has been important to make sure that everyone at School has been well hydrated. Students are encouraged to have sips from their water bottles at regular intervals throughout the day.

So what drinks should you provide as part of a healthy lunchbox? The Live Lighter programme supported by the Heart Foundation and Cancer Council, along with the WA School Canteen Association recommend that all children have a water bottle at school each day as part of their healthy lunchbox. You may also like to include a small plain milk drink.

Please save fruit juices, juice boxes and flavoured milks for treats at home as they are often very high in sugar. For more information on healthy eating at school please go to You may like to try out the delicious pizza scroll recipe!

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Harmony Day
A Taste of Harmony
This year we are celebrating Harmony Day on Tuesday 21 March. Students have the opportunity to dress up in clothing representative of their nationality and contribute tasty cultural food for a Lightning Lunch. As our school community grows in diversity, we are keen to extend the spirit of harmony to our parent body. Some of our parents have kindly volunteered to teach other parents how to cook a traditional dish from their culture. These are the available choices on the day:

  • Chinese wonton
  • Italian pizza
  • Chicken curry from India
  • ANZAC biscuits
  • A Japanese speciality

Classes will take place in the Technology Centre from 11.00am to 1.30pm ending with a shared lunch where parents can mingle and taste all the different foods. If you would like to sign up for one of these classes, please contact Primary Receptionist, Donna Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your preference.

2017 IGA Perth Royal Show Competitions

2017 IGA Perth Royal Show Competitions Click Here

Mr Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

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