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Issue 5 Head of Primary

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Parent, student and teacher conferences
I hope you have all celebrated in the achievement of your children through the meetings that have been held over the past two weeks. The opportunity to share the data from the On Entry testing in Literacy and Numeracy from Pre-Primary to Year 2 (and the individual reports each family receives as part of this) provides you with valuable information about what your child knows, and what is expected by the end of the year. The data shared from Years 3 to 6 based on the Progressive Achievement Tests also enables us to track the progress of each student against the norm for other children across Australia. You will also have shared in the classroom work on display and set joint goals for improvement throughout the year. Please arrange to meet with me if you have any concerns or would like to praise any part of this process. Your child is at the centre of all we do and I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss further.

SEQTA Engage
Mrs Karen Ayres has worked extremely hard to ensure that all Pre-Primary to Year 6 parents have the provision to access SEQTA Engage. This is an exciting development that will enable direct, immediate access between school and home and will incorporate all reporting through this digital platform. You will also discover a continuous mode of reporting; in that feedback will be provided to you on progress for each unit of inquiry soon after it is completed. This will also include comments from specialist teachers at set times of the year. Please note that you will continue to receive twice yearly written reports (on SEQTA) that you can print and keep. These will include grades and a general comment. Once you have your password set for SEQTA Engage you will receive alerts when any information is posted as feedback or the written report.



Team Super Savers
The team recently held a most successful bake off, with a stall near the Café that raised just over $150 for Save the Children Australia. A great deal of preparation went into this event and this type of action is exactly what is encouraged through our International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Well done, Amelia, Mia, Chelsea, Blair, Anna, Arthlay, Chloe and Siyathmi = TSS!


Academic extension for selected students
Mrs Currey and class teachers have developed Curriculum Adjustment Plans for those students who achieve extremely high scores in our range of academic tests. We are committed to extending the learning of our students who demonstrate high ability, just as we extend the learning of all other children. The reason we have developed the Curriculum Adjustment Plans is to make sure we recognise the capacity of some students to learn at a level that requires documentation and nurturing. In a similar fashion, the Learning Enrichment Centre provides programmes for students who require extra support with their learning. Both Mrs Currey and Mrs Willis are great advocates for your children at John Wollaston and coordinate these programmes.

Inclusive Education Coordinator
I acknowledge two excellent initiatives made by Mrs Willis this Term. Firstly, she conducted a seminar for all Year 6 students on Downs Syndrome. This was extremely well received by the students, with many excellent questions and observations. Mrs Willis is passionate about the inclusion of students with disabilities and her work in this area is admirable. The second initiative was a Parent Seminar titled 'Supporting Students with Dyslexia’. This was arranged by Mrs Willis in conjunction with the Dyslexia Speld Foundation and attended by 15 John Wollaston families. The feedback from parents was excellent; commenting on how valuable this information was and how much they appreciated the opportunity to have such a seminar in our school. Mrs Willis has arranged for this to continue with an ongoing course “Clever Kids” run by the Dyslexia Speld Foundation at John Wollaston. This saves families making the long trip to South Perth and is a wonderful initiative. Mrs Willis has a strong work ethic, a high level of expertise and is dedicated to the well-being of our students.

Games Coding Camps

Games Coding Camps – interactive school holidays technologies camps for students aged 7-17 years, held on 18, 19 and 20 April. 


Primary Staff
I thank all our hard working staff for another busy and productive term. We have improved our pedagogy by incorporating ‘tuning in’ sessions and Focus Children in most classrooms. We have started to provide feedback via SEQTA. We have provided Kindergarten to Year 2 families with learning snapshots electronically through our iPads and the Seesaw Application. We have met with you all to update you on the progress of your children. This all takes effort and time. The commitment of our staff, teaching and non-teaching is a hallmark of our school. I hope all staff have a well-deserved holiday and a Happy Easter.

I wish a Happy Easter and safe holidays to you all. Thank you for your ongoing support for our school. We are a caring community, and this has been evident in recent times as we miss Mrs Shand. The kind messages Mrs Shand has received from all in our community have been uplifting and greatly appreciated. The Positive Popsticks Fiona has received from each class have been wonderful. Thank you.

Pre-Primary Easter Hats

The very happy Pre-Primary students with their beautiful Easter hats after they visited the Principal's office to show her their creations.


Mr Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary


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