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  • Year 8 Encounter
  • Secondary SAS achievements 
  • A safe and enjoyable Term 1 break

Out of your comfort zone
When did you last find yourself truly out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you had that feeling of butterflies in your stomach or that strong surge of adrenaline that pulsates through your body? Your comfort zone can be described as a behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. We also know that a large amount of learning does take place when we expose ourselves to situations where we no longer feel comfortable. Placing ourselves in situations which challenge us and expose us to a small amount of anxiety and stress is actually a very healthy thing to do.

Some of the well -known benefits of placing yourself outside of your comfort zone include:

  • Increasing your levels of confidence in dealing with new situations
  • Opening yourself up to new and sometimes life changing experiences
  • Learning to use your levels of anxiety and stress in positive ways
  • Developing a true sense of resilience and grit

Year 8 Encounter
Our Year 8 students have just completed their Year 8 Encounter at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Students were challenged physically and psychologically. Students participated in activities including; High Ropes Course, Commando Course, Flying Fox, Archery and Raft Building. All of these experiences required most students to overcome some type of anxiety or stress as they were placed well outside of their comfort zone. As each activity was completed, our Year 8 students described a genuine sense of achievement and accomplishment. They learnt that they are most capable of achieving anything if they are brave enough to accept the challenges that are placed in front of them.

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Secondary SAS achievements

The following students were in the winning Mixed Frisbee 'A' team:
Ronan-Marc Cowley
Tyson Mobbs
Bailey Grant
Tyler Nygen
Phillip Winship
Monique Stubberfield
Amber Phillips
Georgia Rickard
Kaye Neretlis

DSC 0004 DSC 0006 DSC 0007
DSC 0010 DSC 0023 DSC 0012


The following students are the winners of SAS Best and Fairest:

Girls Basketball ‘A’ Team: Hannah Watts
Girls Basketball ‘B’ Team: Aliesha Brown
Boys Basketball ‘A’ Team: Eythan Harris
Boys Basketball ‘B’ Team: Ryan Auton
Girls Touch Rugby Team: Maddison Briggs
Boys Touch Rugby Team: Rhys Osboine
Girls Beach Volleyball 'A’ Team: Georgia Fennessy
Girls Beach Volleyball ‘B’ Team: Kayla Heatherly
Boys Beach Volleyball ‘A’ Team: Jayden Olson
Boys Beach Volleyball ‘B’ Team: Jordan Stone
Mixed Frisbee ‘A’ Team: Ronan-Marc Cowley
Mixed Frisbee ‘B’ Team: Jason Cross

A safe and enjoyable Term 1 break
I would like to wish all students and families a safe and enjoyable Term 1 break. I encourage you to use the time to rest and re-charge your batteries following a very busy start to the year. I remind students to ensure that you arrive to school for the start of Term 2 wearing your winter uniform with pride. Please also ensure that you present with an appropriate hair style and free of any jewellery and make-up.

All the best
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


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