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Issue 4 Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

Secondary Prefects help out at Harmony Day

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Results from the ACC G Division Swimming Carnival 
All the results from the ACC G Division Swimming Carnival are now available on the ACC web site ( Carnivals – Swimming – Results. 

ACC G Division Swimming Combined Aggregate
Peter Carnley 703
John Wollaston 664
St Joseph’s Northam 656
Carmel 613
South Coast Baptist 596
Mercy 570
Quinns 527
Cornerstone 380

Boys Aggregate
Peter Carnley 376
Carmel 345
John Wollaston 319
South Coast Baptist 314
St Joseph’s Northam 299
Quinns 229 Cornerstone 171

Girls Aggregate
St Joseph’s Northam 357
John Wollaston 345
Peter Carnley 327
Quinns 298
South Coast 282
Mercy 275
Carmel 268
Cornerstone 209

Age Champions Girls Open Hannah Watts (John Wollaston)


Keep Healthy
As we head into the final two weeks of Term 1 it is very common for students and staff alike to begin to feel that energy levels are beginning to drop. It has been a very busy start to the year with many different academic and co-curricular events. There are some small things we can all do to ensure we stay mentally fit and alert as we head towards a very well-deserved two week break.

  • Sleep – none of us can function correctly if we are not getting enough sleep. Students should be getting a minimum of nine hours sleep per night. Students should avoid using electronic devices before their bed time as this can interrupt the process of falling to sleep.
  • Nutrition – A well- balanced diet is a crucial component of health and well-being. A balanced diet includes a high proportion of fruit and vegetables. Students should limit their intake of sugar and fat.
  • Hydration- It is recommended that we all drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. De-hydration is often the cause of headaches and fatigue.
  • Exercise- when life becomes busy with homework and study, it is easy to neglect this aspect of health and well-being. It is very important that we all try to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. This can be as simple as walking the dog or going for a ride on the bike.

While this advice may seem simple, we know that focussing on the basics can be of significant benefit when life becomes busy and stressful. I do encourage you to contact me directly should you wish to discuss any pastoral matters.

ArtBeat Youth Fest - Armadale


Best wishes
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

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