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Issue 6 Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

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The latest research emerging around the topic of gratitude is really quite incredible. People who practise gratitude on a regular basis are more physically and mentally healthy than people who do not. Gratitude, from the Latin word, Gratia means grace or thankfulness. The American people understand the importance of gratitude, albeit for one day a year. Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which has historical roots as a sacred celebration, is a day where families gather to share a meal and give thanks for all the good things they enjoy in their lives. Researchers from the Harvard Medical School have found that there is a strong link between gratitude and happiness. People who practise daily gratitude feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, deal with adversity and build strong relationships.

There are some really simple ways that we can express our gratitude on a daily basis. These include:

  • Keeping a journal where we record everything we are grateful for each day
  • Taking time over the evening meal for each family member to speak about their day and express what they are grateful for
  • Writing a handwritten note to someone expressing your gratitude to them
  • Doing a good deed for someone for no apparent reason

As Deputy Principal Pastoral Care at John Wollaston Anglican Community School, I am grateful for;

  • Our committed and professional teaching and support staff
  • Our students who display compassion, kindness and friendship to each other every day
  • Our open grounds and excellent facilities which inspire students and staff to be the best person they can be

There is an excellent YouTube video The Science of Happiness which examines the power of gratitude. I encourage you to take seven minutes out of your busy day to watch this video. Please click on the link below:


Year 7 Salvation Army Incursion
On Tuesday 2 May the Year 7 cohort had their Salvation Army incursion "Beyond the Classroom". This incursion is part of the year long Year 7 Transition Programme that works closely with the Salvation Army. The Year 7s learnt about homelessness in Perth and Australia and what one can do to help this situation.



All the best
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


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