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Year 8 Guest Speaker – Mr Graham Hyman
On Friday 12 May our Year 8 students enjoyed an entertaining presentation from Mr Graham Hyman from Youth Specialties Australia. Mr Hyman’s address was centred on the importance of positive relationships. Mr Hyman explained to the students that the most important relationship they will experience as adolescents is their relationship with their parents. The term parent was expanded to include significant adults who are responsible for the student’s upbringing. Mr Hyman encouraged our Year 8 students to maintain an open and honest relationship with their parents and reminded them that parents are the people who will love and support them the most throughout their teenage years.

Adolescence is a time which is characterised by rapid physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. It is a time when teenagers are discovering their own independence and begin to form their own views and opinions about the world around them. Kids Helpline provide some excellent advice for parents who are looking for strategies to develop more positive relationships with their teenagers. Kids Helpline acknowledges that adolescence is a difficult time for both parents and teenagers.

“Adolescence is a crucial period for young people to learn how to develop and maintain respectful relationships with others. Building such relationships requires a range of capacities and skills. If adults develop these capacities within themselves and use them in their relationships they can become positive role models for children and young people and teach them about healthy relationships.” Kids Helpline (2016)

More information can be found at the KidsHelpline website:

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