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Issue 7 Parents and Friends

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  • P & F Disco Friday 26 May
  • Lollypop Lady Gim
  • P & F Meeting Dates 2017  

School Fair
Thank you to the amazing people who helped out with the School Fair on Saturday 6 May. From the lovely ladies who sorted through donations, labelling and boxing them up, to our awesome P&F Committee and helpers who pitched in with cooking and serving food, running stalls, setting up and cleaning away. Thank you also to the smiling families that came along and enjoyed a great day in the sunshine! It was so lovely seeing our school community coming together and having fun for the second time this year.

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P & F Disco Friday 26 May
The first P&F Disco of the year is nearly here! We are looking forward to seeing students from Kindergarten to Year 7 on Friday 26 May in the Victoria Morgan Arts Centre (VMAC) at John Wollaston Anglican Community School. After last year’s successful change of format we will continue with a $5 payment at the door. Please have the correct tender to help speed up the admission of all children. Parents of children in Kindergarten to Year 2 are required to stay with their children for the duration of the Disco. All other students in Years 3 to 7 must be delivered to and collected from the VMAC by a parent. No child will be allowed to exit without an adult for safety reasons. The $5 entry includes a glow product and a drink at the end of the Disco for the hot and thirsty dancers. Small prizes will also be handed out during each Disco session. It is always a great night for the children and the young at heart so come on down!


Click here for the flyer

Lollypop Lady Gim

It is now official that Gim has retired from her work at our school. Luckily at the end of Term 1 we were able to host a ‘going away morning tea’ for Gim, so families would have the opportunity to formally say thank you for her many years of service at John Wollaston. Students also had the opportunity to say thank you and farewell, holding their lollypops high in honour of our lovely Gim. Our thanks and best wishes go to Gim for all her future adventures.

P & F Meeting Dates 2017
The P & F meeting dates for the remainder of 2017 will be:

Thursday 1 June
Thursday 20 July
Thursday 24 August
Thursday 12 October
Thursday 9 November

All meetings will be held on Thursdays at 7.00pm in the Library Resource Centre. Come along and have a chat and a voice on your school’s future!

Sonja Reynolds
President Parents and Friends Association

P&F Committee for 2017

President: Sonja Reynolds
Vice President: Mark Del Borrello 
Treasurer: Tricia Duggin
Secretary: Fiona Caruso

General Committee:
Sharon Leitch, Susanne Price, Natalie Smart, Rajesh Paul, Rebecca Baskerville, Chris Asphar, and Derek Heatherly.

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