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Biggest Morning Tea

The Primary Scott House initiative of the JWACS Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council was a huge success. The community enjoyed beautiful weather and relaxing with their students. Thank  you to Darcy Vidler, Scott House Coordinator for organising this event.


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Coding, Robotics and STEAM in the Library

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STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as the starting point for guiding student inquiry and critical thinking. The Lightning Lunch fundraising enabled the Library Resource Centre to purchase some STEAM resources and we look forward to seeing these in action. With the acquisition of iPads and some very cute robots, Primary students are now exploring the world of coding during their Library sessions. What is coding? Basically, coding involves the process of designing, writing, testing and maintaining the source code of computer programmes. You may have heard about coding in the media and many schools are providing the opportunity for students to learn more about the systems and codes that are the platform for how our technology/equipment operates. I thank Mrs Godfrey and Ms Hanson for their enthusiasm and progressive thinking in this area.

Story Night In

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The inaugural Story Night In at John Wollaston Anglican Community School was held on Thursday 1 June, 2017. This exciting night involved students from Pre-Primary to Year 2 coming to the Library Resource Centre in their pyjamas for an evening of storytelling and connecting with family. This event was a celebration of the wonderful things that happen in the Library during class time and an opportunity for families to enjoy stories and activities with their children, as well as connect with other parents and the Library staff. Our students loved wearing their pyjamas and bringing a torch. All enjoyed story time, colouring, playing with coding bots, iPads and toys. A milo and some tiny teddies were an extra treat! This was a great initiative by Mrs Godrey and Ms Hanson and an opportunity to bring our wonderful community together.


Canberra Tour 2017

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On Sunday May 14 the entire Year 6 cohort and a small band of enthusiastic teachers departed for the annual Canberra Tour. The weather was fantastic and staying at the Australian Institute of Sport was most exciting. Everyone has their own special highlight; mine is always the great pride I have in our students as we participate in the Closing Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial. The Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove was generous with his time, and again, I was so proud of the intelligent, perceptive questions our students asked of him. I particularly celebrate the pride our children display as they return, walking a little taller and a little wiser, knowing they have been part of a special experience. We receive a great deal of positive feedback and here is an example of this:

“Dear Year 6 Team/ Mr Revitt
I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to all the staff who took part in and helped to organise the trip to Canberra. It was a fantastic experience for Olivia, and something which she will always remember. We appreciate all the time and effort that goes into organising a trip of this kind, and we are very grateful that it is an experience that both Charlotte and Louis can look forward to when their time comes. Once again, it reinforces the fact that we made the right decision when we decided to send our children to John Wollaston.”
Many thanks one again.
Hayley and Andrew Truman

I thank our dedicated staff who made the tour possible; Miss Monteleone, Mr Morris, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Willis, Miss Vidler and Mrs Shore. Miss Monteleone was a great leader of Group 1 and Miss Vidler was a most popular addition to the Tour! Not many schools would have their Business Manager attend the Tour and to Mrs Shore’s great credit she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and noted the wonderful behaviour of our students. Mr Morris was as enthusiastic as ever and revealed an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things to do with aeroplanes. Mrs Lyons eyes light up standing in front of Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles and Mrs Willis displayed her dedication and care for others in ensuring all students could participate. A very special thank you must go to a Year 6 parent Lynise Miller, who was our Tour Nurse. Lynise was great company, highly professional and displayed great dedication in looking after our students. This was greatly appreciated. 

Pirates! The Musical
The Primary Performing Arts productions are always a highlight of the year. Watching Mrs Coles’ and the cast rehearse for so long and with such zest is inspirational and the harmonies are brilliant! I can’t wait for the IPSHA snapshot of Pirates! The Musical at the Perth Convention Centre and the full production at John Wollaston. Glyn Teape, Shannon Emmans, Kate Hewson and Nicole Mavay have all been assisting along with a dedicated group of parents.
Tickets are now on sale through Trybooking.

  • Tuesday 27 June 2017 Opening Night 7.00pm (Please be seated by 6.45pm.)
  • Wednesday 28 June 2017 7.00pm (Please be seated by 6.45pm.)
  • Thursday 29 June 2017 7.00pm (Please be seated by 6.45pm.)

Pirates! The Musical
John Wollaston Anglican Community School - Primary Production 2017

David Williamson Theatre
in the Victoria Morgan Arts Centre (VMAC)
Centre Road


New Primary Ensembles
I was lucky enough to observe both our guitar/vocals and vocal ensemble have their first session this week. Both Michelle Gardner (guitar/vocals on Monday) and Grace Barbe (vocals on Wednesday) are such great tutors and engage our students in a contemporary, rich musical programme. There are still places left in each group. The tuition is free for this year only. After the Performing Arts production ends this term, places will fill fast. Please contact Mrs Brown if you would like more information. We hope that each group will eventually provide performances at upcoming school events and grow our music programme at John Wollaston.

IPSHA Ecumenical Service
Year 6 Captains Ecumenical service.
On Tuesday 23 May our Year 6 Captains had the opportunity to attend the Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA) Ecumenical Service at Carmel School in Yokine. Each year students from a variety of Independent schools come together to celebrate peace, unity and inclusivity. Carmel School is a Jewish School and this year the students enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the Jewish faith and hear part of the service conducted in Hebrew.
The themes that formed the Ecumenical Service are common across all religions. These included thanksgiving (gratitude), Brotherhood and Sisterhood (Inclusivity), care for the sick and peace.
The Captains loved the opportunity to represent our school at this service. They had many insights from the morning and following are a few of their quotes:
“I enjoyed listening to the music sung in Hebrew.” (Rohan Louis, Scott Captain)
“I enjoyed learning about the cultural differences and diversity.” (Fletcher Dube, Head Boy)
“I enjoyed the Jewish dance that the Carmel Year 6 students performed." (Natalia Baxter, Ramsden Captain)
“I enjoyed when the students were talking in Hebrew and sharing their culture with us."  (Danielle Samuels, Charter Captain)
“I enjoyed seeing all the other school representatives." (Lachlan Grant, Service Captain)

Association of Independent Schools (AISWA) Study Tour
This week teachers from other schools visited our Early Learning Centre to observe and learn from our expert staff. It is credit to John Wollaston that we should be chosen as part of this study tour. Our early learning philosophy is highly regarded in the sector and it is always a pleasure to showcase our dedicated staff and wonderful students. Thank you to Mel Forslun for conducting this tour.

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Healthy Eating
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Hummus and Salad Sandwich

  • 2 slices wholegrain bread
  • 1 tbs hummus
  • 1 stick celery, finely diced
  • 2 cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • 1/2 small carrot, grated
  • 1/2 Lebanese cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 1 medium lettuce leaf, roughly torn


  1. In a small bowl, mix hummus and celery.
  2. Spread over 1 slice of bread.
  3. Add cucumber slices, grated carrot, tomatoes and lettuce leaf.
  4. Top with remaining bread.


Best wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

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