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Meningococcal W Immunisation Programme
The Meningococcal W immunisations for Year 10, 11 and 12 students will take place on Tuesday 29 August. The nurses will be attending the School for the day. Any students sitting an OLNA test that day will not be immunised until after their test. If you have not returned to the School the required form for the Meningococcal W Immunisation Programme, please do this as soon as possible, even if you have decided that your son/daughter will not be immunised at the School.

Immunisation Information

Year 8 Immunisations
If your son/daughter was absent from school on Thursday 25 May, an immunisation catch up morning is scheduled for your child on Friday 9 June.

Year 10 Examinations
Year 10 Examinations will commence on Wednesday 14 June and conclude on Friday 16 June. Students must attend school throughout the examination period, with regular classes only suspended when students are scheduled to sit an examination. The Year 10 Examination Timetable has been forwarded to students and is also available on SEQTA Documents.

Year 12 Outdoor Recreation Shark Bay Trip
The Year 12 Certificate II Outdoor Recreation Shark Bay Trip is scheduled from Monday 12 June until Friday 16 June. We wish our students and staff a safe, challenging and rewarding experience and we look forward to sharing some of their adventures with parents in a subsequent edition of the eNewsletter.

Keys for Life
On Monday 29 May families of Year 10 students were invited to the School to hear about the Keys for Life program. Keys for Life is a comprehensive, award winning, evidence-based pre-driver programme that assists parents, schools and agencies to educate young people about safer road use and provides licencing and graduation benefits. Young people participating in Keys for Life gain valuable life skills as well as knowledge about road rules, licensing, safer vehicles and safer driving. Year 10 students at John Wollaston will access this programme via their Health Education lessons.


Pegasus Society Excursion

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On Friday 19 May the Year 8 and 9 Pegasus Society members visited the University of Western Australia (UWA) and took part in a campus tour before listening to three Young Australian of the Year recipients. This was a great experience as we learnt to persevere with our goals and to always live our lives to the fullest and without regrets.

Catherine Hughes, Bridie Duggan and Abdullahi Alim provided us with their first-hand experiences and taught us ways that we can make a change to our community. Catherine Hughes was awarded the WA Young Australian of the Year Award 2016 for her resilience and strength after the death of her son Riley, who was only 32 days old. Catherine introduced the whooping cough vaccine into Australia that can be administered to pregnant women to reduce the chance of newborn babies being infected with whooping cough. She managed to stay strong through grief, media attention and online abuse whilst dealing with her son’s death. Bridie Duggan experienced the suicide of her two close friends and decided to fundraise to make a change. She utilised her strength and passion within the fitness industry and took part in the ‘100 Burpee Challenge’.

Bridie Duggan was awarded the NT Young Australian of the Year 2017 because of her ability to make a positive change in the face of adversity. Abdullahi Alim is a Somali refugee and who was awarded the WA Young Australian of the Year 2017 for his innovation lab to solve issues of contemporary concern. He has formed partnerships with agencies including the Australian Government, Google and the US Department of State. Abdullahi has also won a 2017 Queen’s Young Leaders award and he will travel to the UK in June to meet the Queen and take part in a leadership course at Cambridge University.

Something to think about - ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would you get out of bed for?
  • What are your talents? 
  • What do you love? If you cannot find something that you love, support others who are trying to make a change.
  • Always remember: dwelling on the past leads to regrets, thinking about the future leads to worry, so get out there and make a change.

Finally, on behalf of the Year 8 and 9 Pegasus Society members, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms Harris who gave up her time to organise and attend this excursion with us.
Taylah Asmus and Ashlyn Trouchet
Year 9 Pegasus Society members

Missed Assessments, Examinations and Submissions
Students were recently reminded of the procedure to follow if they are absent on the day that an assignment is due or of an assessment (e.g. test or oral presentation) or examination.

On the day of the absence the parent/guardian should follow the regular procedure of contacting the School to acknowledge the absence. On the day the student returns, he/she is required to present a note to the classroom teacher responsible for setting the assessment or assignment. This note should be signed by the parent/guardian and acknowledge awareness that an assessment has been missed. There are pre-printed slips for this purpose in the front of the Student Homework Diary.

In the case of an examination, a medical certificate should be provided and the examination will need to be completed with one week of the original date.

Further information regarding a range of policies, as well as referencing tips and study planners can be found in the Student Homework Diary. I would encourage all parents to read this information and discuss with their son or daughter, the activities for learning styles, skills and achievement, positive engagement and the other activities designed to maximise academic learning and social well-being.

Best wishes
Nick Tanner
Director of Administration


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