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The Odyssey and Inspire Programs Year 9
Last Monday our Year 9 students participated in The Odyssey Program for boys and Inspire for Girls. These gender specific workshops encouraged our students to think deeply about many issues that are important to them including; positive relationships, respectful relationships, gender identity, resilience and digital responsibility. The workshops were delivered in a hands-on and interactive manner which engaged our students in a very positive way.

Following the student workshops, Jane Higgins presented a parent seminar titled 10 Things You Need To Know. During her presentation, Jane explained some of the content that was delivered to the students during the day and also offered a range of strategies and resources to assist parents. Some of Jane’s suggestions for parents included:

  • Look for the hero in your son and the sparkle in your daughter
  • Talk about what they are good at – their qualities
  • Set boundaries – stay consistent and persistent
  • Teach them life skills – how to change a tyre, use an ATM, use a drill, use the washing machine – teach them to be independent
  • Develop a ‘village’ of family and friends to assist in raising your child
  • Say regularly to your child – ‘I believe in you’, ‘I know you can handle this’, ‘I trust you’, ‘You are very important to me’, ‘I love you’ 


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Terrorism in our World
The recent terrorist attacks in England and other parts of the world have highlighted the need for us as parents and educators to assist our students in making some sense of these terrible and tragic events. One of our main jobs is to reassure our children that their world is a safe place and that the majority of people are good, kind, law abiding citizens. Michael Grose has written a very informative article on this issue. Please click on the following link to access.

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Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


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