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Year 9 Encounter - A Successful Gender Based Experience
Some months ago when we were planning an Encounter experience for our Year 9 students we decided to explore gender based learning opportunities so that the specific issues and concerns facing 14 and 15 year old adolescents could be addressed in separate workshops. We engaged presenters from The Odyssey Program (for boys) and Inspire for Girls to work with our students on Monday 12 June. Feedback from the students was extremely positive with boys and girls appreciating the opportunity to work separately to explore important issues of manhood and womanhood. The facilitators, Jane and Will, were adept at drawing responses from the students which encouraged active participation throughout the day. We plan to consolidate the learnings from these workshops with other activities for our Year 9s in Semester 2.

On Monday evening Jane presented some of the day's findings to parents as part of her workshop entitled 10 Things You Need To Know. The information presented, whilst confronting at times, reinforced the importance of parents staying connected with their teenagers, setting boundaries, staying consistent and persistent, modelling respect, belief, care and love for them. Thank you to the many parents who attended this workshop, I hope you found it informative and worthwhile.

Our Encounter programme is continuing to evolve with all years now enjoying a range of character building activities. I look forward to hearing of other Encounter experiences during Semester 2.


Academic Scholarship Testing Tomorrow
It is very pleasing that we have a record number of candidates sitting the Academic Scholarship Tests tomorrow. The 35 candidates include students from John Wollaston and other non government and government schools. My Academic Assistant Karen Ayres and I will be present for the duration of the testing which will be administered and supervised by people independent of the School. I will be conducting a tour of the campus at 8.45am, so if you haven't had an opportunity to see some of our wonderful new facilities, you are most welcome to join the tour.

With good wishes
Anne Ford

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