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Issue 12 Head of Primary

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  • Team Super Savers visit Parliament House
  • Sporting achievements in Year 6
  • Kids@BATnight Years 3 to 6 students
  • Package free Monday
  • School Photograph Days – Week 5

Story Dogs
A wonderful new initiative in the Primary School this week involved a special visitor. This great programme enables Erik, our inaugural Story Dog, to participate with selected Year 2 children in some special reading time. Thank you to the Pilgrim-Byrne family for introducing us to Story Dogs and thank you to Mrs Michelle Willis, Learning Enrichment Coordinator for organising Story Dogs at John Wollaston. We hope to expand this programme in the future.

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Team Super Savers visit Parliament House

On Monday 31 July five Year 5 students were invited to Parliament House to spend the day sitting in the Legislative Council as part of a United Nations Association of Australia project. Our students are part of a global program to make the world a better place through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. A guest speaker program provided the provocation and inspiration for a workshop in the afternoon.

The Year 5 team plan to build on the connection they have already made with Save the Children Australia, to raise funds and provide services to refugee families in our local area. At the end of the day, a representative from the group was asked to stand up in Parliament House and make a presentation to all other participants. Chelsea Bydder made us all proud with a clear, confident description of the team’s future goals. She was supported by her good friends Amelia Jacobson, Arthlay Matibhiri, Anna Shaw, Mia Wall and Siyathmi Parakramawansa.

Sporting achievements in Year 6
At Assembly this morning I congratulated four Year 6 students for the recent excellent achievements. Danielle Samuels, for success in the State Gymnastics Championships in a number of events; Olivia Dodds for her first place in this week's IPSHA Inter-School Cross Country competition; Jacob Hale who has been selected to represent WA at the National Swimming Championships in Adelaide in December and Olivia Trueman, who has been selected for the State Soccer Team. These are all indicative of not only great sporting talent but also dedication and perseverance.

Kids@BATnight Years 3-6 students
Students in Years 3 to 6 and their families are invited to a “Kids@BATnight” (BAT = Books and Technology) in the Library Resource Centre on Thursday 24 August 2017. This inaugural event will be a celebration of the wonderful things that happen in the LRC during class time and an opportunity for you to enjoy stories and activities with your child, as well as connect with other parents and the LRC staff


Event: “Kids@BATnight” in the Library Resource Centre for Years 3-6 students
Date:Thursday 24 August, 2017
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Venue:Library Resource Centre
Refreshments: Tea/coffee and cake provided for parents.
A do-it-yourself drinkable ‘Snape’ potion provided for students.
RSVP:  Wednesday 16 August


Package free Monday

IMGP9189 IMGP9184 IMGP9198

Year 6 students led the way with great examples of their package free lunchboxes for Package free Monday!

This week the students showed their support of ‘Package Free Monday’ with many children making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of packaging in their lunchbox. Our Environment Captain, Esther Murray, spoke at Chapel about the impact of waste on the environment and the benefits of healthy eating. Some of our Year 6 students then shared their lunchboxes with the School and explained what they had done to reduce waste. This included using lunchboxes with individual compartments and not using plastic wrap around sandwiches or cut up fruit and vegetables

Each week we will be tracking the classes that are reducing their packaging and, at the end of the term, the winning class from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will get the opportunity to visit the Domestic Kitchen in the Technology Centre and make their very own morning tea or lunch!


School Photograph Days  – Week 5
Thursday 17 August - Students must wear full Winter school uniform on this day.

  • Little Wollies Thursday group - class group and individual
  • Year 6 and Year 12 Veterans 
  • Primary and Secondary Inter-School Swimming and Cross Country teams 
  • School Band and Primary Choirs
  • Family Photographs

Photo order envelopes for the Little Wollies classes must be presented on this day. Please collect payment envelopes from Ms Deveraux, Little Wollies class teacher.

Payment envelopes for sibling/family photographs can be collected from the ELC Reception, Primary Reception and Secondary Student Services. The form can also be downloaded from ‘Documents’ on SEQTA Engage.These forms and envelopes must be returned to the School no later than Monday 14 August 2017.

Friday 18 August - Students must wear full Winter school uniform on this day.

  • Little Wollies Friday group - class group and individual
  • Primary Semester 2 Class Representatives and Captains

Photo order envelopes for the Little Wollies classes must be presented on this day. Please collect payment envelopes from Ms Deveraux, Little Wollies class teacher.


Best wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

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