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The Wollaston Dash
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Last Wednesday morning, 2 August 2017, saw the very successful running of the inaugural Wollaston Dash. The Wollaston Dash is a relay race through the grounds of the School with each House Team made up of one student from each year group.The Year 12s ran the final leg of the race, along the front of the School, behind the Chapel and down through the heart of the School to the finish line. It was fantastic to see the Secondary School line the course and cheer on their House to the finish line.

Congratulations go to Hale House on being the inaugural Wollaston Dash champions.This Wollaston Dash signals the beginning of the Athletics season at our school.

Next Tuesday 15 August is the Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival at Ern Clark Athletics Centre. This will be a great day where all students will have the opportunity to represent and cheer on their House in a variety of athletic events. I would like to remind parents that the Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival is a normal school day and students are expected to attend. The House with the highest proportion of students at the carnival will be awarded extra points towards the House Spirit competition.

Due to the Athletics Carnival the Chalk Café will not be open on Tuesday 15 August, but will be back to normal service for Weeks 6 and 7.

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Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival
The Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival and similar school events are fantastic opportunities for students to contribute to and to be involved in the co-curricular program of our school. We know from a wide range of research that being involved in these types of events is an important element of students feeling connected and valued as part of their community. In a time when many students spend far too much time in isolation, in front of a variety of electronic screens, the Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival is an opportunity for our students to run, jump, throw, cheer, support, connect and form stronger bonds with their fellow House team mates.

As we look forward to Tuesday 15 August, I invite and encourage all parents and friends to come along to Ern Clark Athletics Centre and support your children during this great day of fun and athletic pursuit.

Secondary Pre-Athletics Carnival Events
On Tuesday 8 August the Secondary Pre-Athletics Carnival Events were held at the School. Students competed in high jump, discus and the 1500 metre event.

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All the best
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