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Issue 13 - Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

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Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival
Congratulations to all Secondary students who competed and cheered at the Secondary Inter-House Athletics Carnival. A huge thank you must go to the HPE department led by Lonneke Holleman for the wonderful organisation of a such a smooth running carnival.

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Outside the Frame Art Awards winner
Well done to the John Wollaston artists who submitted work in the Outside the Frame Art Awards held last weekend in Armadale. Congratulations must go to Georgia Rickard for winning the Local Arts award for her stunning piece: Absurdity of Exclusion.
Georgia Rickard - Local Artist Award Statement:

Winning the local artist award was an amazing and incredible surprise on Friday night! I am extremely grateful that I was presented with the prize and was able to showcase what I could do within the art world.
My chosen medium for my work was done with coloured pencils. Drawing is my favourite way of expressing artwork and I can work well with it when creating something new.
My overall artwork took around 10+ weeks to finish as the blending, shading and detail consumes a lot of time!
The theme behind the work is reflective of racial segregation. It was at its extreme in the 1930-60s in America and even 21st century Australia we see marginalisation toward people from certain racial backgrounds, such as the Muslim culture. I feel it isn’t right or fair that we shift views on a specific group, individual or society based on their values, belief system and overall outward appearance.
I wouldn’t have been able to create what I did without the support and knowledge of my Art teacher Luke Morgan or the encouragement of family and friends and I feel as though my role as Arts Prefect this year as really allowed me to focus in on Art and specifically what’s important to me.

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110817 111 Absurdity of Exclusion, Georgia Rickard

Book in a Day

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On Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 21 students from John Wollaston Anglican Community School attempted to write a book in one day!
It’s all part of the annual national “Write a Book in a Day” competition which is run by The Kids’ Cancer Project.
The School entered three teams in the competition. Pupils were given a brief and then within 12 hours write, illustrate, bind and submit a storybook of up to 5000 words. Each book is then donated to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia.
The Kids’ Cancer Project is an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Since 1993, thanks to strong community support the charity has contributed tens of millions of dollars to scientific studies to help children with many types of cancer.
“This is an event that inspires collaboration and community spirit while students have fun writing and illustrating a book,” said Anne Harris Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning “And it all happens in a 12-hour period.”
“Not only will our pupils develop leadership skills, engage in teamwork and creative problem solving, they’ll be covering key English curriculum requirements to set them up for life,” said Ms Harris
“The real value-add to this competition is that participants are giving to a cause that is relevant to them. Fact is, cancer kills more children in this country than any other disease,” said Ms Harris
To qualify for judging and have the chance to take out one of the coveted ‘bragging-rights’ awards, the School must raise a minimum of $240 per team.
Col Reynolds OAM, founder of The Kids’ Cancer Project is delighted with the initiative.
“This is a wonderful competition because it stimulates young minds while giving them the opportunity to help other young people,” Mr Reynolds said.
“Research is the only way to improve treatments and survival for children with cancer,” he went on to say. “Government funding only stretches so far, so it’s important the community steps up to support kids with this indiscriminate disease.”

You can donate directly to The Kids’ Cancer Project online

The facts:

  • Childhood cancer is different to adult cancer.
  • Cancer is the leading cause of death of children by disease.
  • Three Australian families hear the words, “your child has cancer” every day.
  • Every year, 950 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer.

World Literacy Day
World Literacy Day is coming up at the beginning of September so support Stephanie Lurssen as a World Literacy Foundation Ambassador.

World Literacy Foundation 

Donate here: 

Out of the Woods Competition and Exhibition

IMG 4156 IMG 4157 IMG 4158
IMG 4159 IMG 4160 Woodwork Winner

The Out of the Woods Competition and Exhibition is Western Australia's premier Wood Working Competition organised by the Fine Wood Work Association (WA) Inc.The Competition is open to all, with over twenty categories covering every form of woodworking. Novice and Student categories provide special incentives for the less experienced. This year the School entered work from 33 students from Years 9 and 10. Two of our Year 10 students were very successful. Shane Wright achieved second place for his Jadgpanther made from pine winning him a cash prize of $60. Patrick Colley received a commendation for his tank made from a range of hard and soft woods. All entrants received a certificate.

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