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Issue 14 Head of Primary

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Seminars on Anxiety and Depression
Clinical Psychologist Sally Green has provided seminars to staff and parents in recent weeks, with a pleasing attendance at the SEEDS Project Seminar on Tuesday 5 September. It is important that we are all aware of the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression and know how to seek help if required. Seeking assistance for our mental health should be no different to seeking help for our physcial needs.

As you are aware, all of our Positive Education programmes are designed with a preventative and proactive approach. From Kindergarten into the Secondary School, we have a strong focus on socio-emotional learning and the principles of Positive Psychology. You will have noticed references to character and a growth mindset in our formal reports last semester and the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile has a clear focus on emotional growth.

We want our students to recognise feelings, regulate their feelings and establish a sound emotional vocabulary. This is the foundation of emotional intelligence. You will have noticed that at every assembly and other events, we encourage our students; to learn from their mistakes, show character strengths such as kindness and zest and tocare for each other. While we, like every person or organisation, are not perfect, we work very hard to provide excellent learning experiences for your children.

Encounter Experiences
This week the Year 5 cohort have had a wonderful time at their Year 5 Encounter Experience at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. This is the first time we have stayed at this facility and it is fantastic. The students have enjoyed canoeing on the Swan River and especially loved jumping out of the canoes into the water and getting very muddy! The climbing wall has been a favourite, along with archery, the flying fox and an activity called the possum glider; where each student is launched up high wearing a harness. I know our students will come home exhausted, proud of themselves and with a story or two to share with their families. This Encounter is a great way to build resilience and prepare our students for Canberra in 2018.

The Year 3 group also enjoyed their Encounter Experience at Bickley Camp today. Students loved the flying fox, African drumming and team building games and many other activities. The Bickley Camp is the first Outdoor Education experience for John Wollaston students, with the aim of preparing all children for experiences in coming years, such as the Cape to Cape Encounter in Year 10.

Da Vinci winners in the news
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