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Issue 14 Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

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I was speaking with a friend the other day about the family rituals they enjoy at their home and it reminded me how important these unique events are. Family rituals give a sense of identity, routine, structure and sense of belonging to children and parents alike. They help define families by saying this is who we are and this is what we do. Family rituals could be any number of things, but may include, for example;, Friday night fish and chips, September school holidays in Kalbarri, milkshakes at your favourite café every Sunday morning or a phrase or saying that is uniquely said between family members.

Some family rituals may change over time and some family rituals may stay the same and even be passed down through the generations. I remember eagerly awaiting a visit from Father Christmas every Christmas Day, just after lunch. Father Christmas (always a dad/cousin/uncle) would distribute all the family presents to each member of the family. This would always be a large theatrical event which was a highlight of every Christmas Day. I always remember asking my Grandmother, every Christmas Day, ‘Who is going to be Father Christmas this year?’ She would always reply “The real one of course!” Even though my Grandmother has long past away, this remains an important ritual within my family and I always smile when I hear my children ask “Who is going to be Father Christmas this year?”

I encourage you to think about the rituals that are important to your family. What are the unique traditions and events that define your family? I also encourage you to introduce some new family rituals that may go on for years to come. Rituals and traditions strengthen family bonds by developing identity, security and positive memories for all. Please feel free to let me know the family rituals and traditions that your family enjoys.

All the best
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

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