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Issue 15 Head of Primary

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Inquiry Journeys
It was wonderful to see so many families visit our classrooms on Tuesday afternoon. The Art Exhibition was again a highlight and I thank our wonderful staff for all their hard work in creating such a great opportunity for our students to showcase their work. Our students also thoroughly enjoyed all the engaging activities provided by specialist staff (with Mrs Crawford’s sushi disappearing fast!) and were keen to collect as many stamps as possible on their inquiry passport. I thank all our staff for their commitment to our students.

Grandparents' Day
Last week we welcomed many hundreds of proud grandparents to our School and for the first time this event was open across all year groups. The House Shout was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the huge audience in attendance. Thank you to all Grandparents for enjoying the sunshine on a wonderful John Wollaston morning. Your feedback was most positive and we look forward to building on this event next year.

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Art Exhibition Facebook link

IPSHA Inter School Athletics
Our Primary team performed admirably at All SaInts College recently. Several Inter School records were set on the day by our students. Olivia Dodds, Olivia Truman, Jacob Hale and Jared Henderson were standout performers in Year 6. The whole team performed well and displayed excellent John Wollaston spirit. We also say goodbye and thank you to Miss Slattery, who has had a wonderful start to her teaching career at John Wollaston. We wish her all the best and hope to see her back at John Wollaston soon!

“On Thursday 14 September, 46 students in Years 3 to 6 travelled to All Saints College to compete at the IPSHA Inter School Athletics Carnival. I would like to congratulate all athletes for competing with integrity, determination and sportsmanship. John Wollaston performed at a very high standard at the Carnival with most students placing first, second, or third in at least one event. Further congratulations to Olivia Trueman and Jacob Hale in Year 6 who both broke multiple long-standing records.” Gabrielle Slattery Primary Physical Education Specialist, Term 3

Other stand out performances on the day:

Year 3:
Emily Blackmore - Long Jump (1st)
Renata Ngoy - Long Jump (3rd) 80m A (1st), 200m A (1st)
Eunice Thomas - Hurdles B (2nd)
Tafu Tali - 80m B (3rd)
Eric Nilo - Hurdles B (2nd), 80m B (2nd), 200m A (2nd)

Year 4:
Charlotte Trueman - High Jump A (3rd), Hurdles B (1st), 80m B (1st), 200m A (3rd)
Serah Waqanivavalagi - High Jump B (2nd), Long Jump (2nd)
Bryce Reed - High Jump A (2nd) Hurdles B (1st)
Owen Cumine - High Jump B (1st)
Couper Downing- Hurdles A (2nd), 80m A (1st)

Year 5:
Ella Regan- 100m B (3rd)

Year 6:
Olivia Trueman - 400m B (1st), Triple Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), Turbo Javelin (3rd), Hurdles A (1st), 100m B (1st), 200m A (1st)
Olivia Dodds - 400m A (2nd), Long Jump (3rd), 100m A (1st), 200m B (1st)
Ashlyn Christie - Hurdles B (1st)
Jared Henderson - 400m B (1st) Long Jump (3rd), High Jump B (1st), Hurdles A (1st), 100m A (1st)
Jacob Hale - Triple Jump (1st), Long Jump (1st), High Jump A (1st), 200m A (1st)
Blessing Mashingaidze - Hurdles B (1st), 100m B (2nd)

IPSHA Inter-School Athletics Facebook link

Encounter Experiences
What great experiences our students have had late this Term! The Year 3s had a full day at Bickley Camp and enjoyed activities such as the Flying Fox and African drumming. The Year 4s had a action packed Amazing Race in the city and then were treated to a special surprise; their own cinema screen for the movie Paper Planes! The Year 5s had an exhausting and brilliant two night, three day camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Activities included rock climbing, archery, canoeing and the Possum Glider. The feedback from parents has been excellent and we look forward to our last Encounter Experience – the Year 2 overseas trip in November!

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Year 5 Encounter Facebook Link

Breaking News – Canberra Sydney 2018
A new addition to the itinerary for next year’s Year 6 Encounter; all the usual Canberra sites, plus a visit to Sydney to experience Taronga Zoo and the Opera House! We will travel by bus to Sydney on the Thursday morning after visiting the Governor General at Government House and then fly home direct from Sydney. Year 5 families will find more information regarding Canberra Sydney 2018 via a letter on SEQTA which was posted today.

Package Free Monday – Congratulations Kingfisher Class!


This morning at Assembly it was announced that the Kingfisher Class had the most students bring in package free lunches throughout Term 3. This meant that they were eating natural foods, reducing the amount of processed food and preservatives and helping improve their health. At the same time they were also helping the environment by reducing the amount of waste. On average a child who has a disposable lunch generates three pieces of rubbish per day, which equals an incredible 30kg of waste per child per year! As a reward, the Kingfisher Class will go down to the domestic kitchen in the Technology Centre at the start of next term and have fun making their own morning tea! Thank you for all your support and we look forward to Package Free Monday going from strength to strength in Term 4.


This week’s healthy recipe is provided by our Library teacher Haylee Godfrey. You may like to make these over the holidays.

Apricot and Almond Truffles
150g dried apricots
110g ram almonds
70g seeded medjool dates
½ lemon, zested
1 ½ tbsp. chia seeds
30g nude ginger dried, but not crystallised
30g dried cranberries
½ tsp vanilla essence

  1. Process almonds, chia seeds and lemon zest until it is a fine crumble.
  2. Add apricots and dates and process until fine pieces.
  3. Add ginger, cranberries and vanilla essence and process until mixture comes together.
  4. If mixture is a bit dry, add a tsp of water at a time until the dough easily sticks together when pressed between your fingers. It shouldn’t be dry or crumbly.
  5. Roll dough into balls and roll in coconut.
  6. Best kept frozen.


Best wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary


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