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  • Opening of the Annual Art Exhibition 2017
  • Pegasus Society Semester 2 Pizza Lunch and Excursion
  • HPE Wellness Day
  • House Eisteddfod

Opening of the Annual Art Exhibition 2017
Students, staff and parents were treated to an evening of visual indulgence and gastronomic delights at the opening of the 2017 art exhibition last week. The exhibition was opened by special guest artists, Audrey and Arif Satar the creators of Amilita the Cow who resides in the grounds of John Wollaston. Both artists were very complimentary of the quality and range of the art work on display and noted the importance of The Arts in schools.

As guests perused the works that challenged notions of the status quo, the use of materials and encouraged interaction, they enjoyed mocktails and supper prepared and served by a more than competent Year 10 Hospitality class. The evening was rounded out by the acoustic accompaniment of Ashleigh Bydder on vocals and guitar. Congratulations to all the staff and students involved in the event.

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Pegasus Society Semester 2 Pizza Lunch and Excursion
In the past few weeks our Pegasus Society students have had the opportunity to meet over a few slices of pizza and share their academic experiences with younger and older students including our Year 7, Pegasus Pathway students. This was a chance to exchange study tips, ask about study loads and courses with older students and encourage the younger students to keep working hard.

The Pegasus Society students then had the option to test their 21 Century Thinking Skills of creative problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking and communication during our Semester 2 excursion to Escape Hunt. The students attending worked in small groups to solve clues and ‘escape’ the room. All our teams succeeded in escaping within the allotted time and really enjoyed the experience.

HPE Wellness Day
To celebrate the importance and benefits of physical activity, John Wollaston secondary students celebrated National Health and Physical Education Day on Wednesday 6 September During extended House Group and lunch time students participated in a range of physical activities including tug-o-war, skipping, circuits, flag relays and team events such as dodge ball. It was fantastic to see students and staff whole-heartedly participate and reap the benefits of daily exercise. Special mention goes to Shanay Del Borrello and Dylan Bailey who competed in the “King of the Mountain” beep test and earned champion status for out-sprinting the other competitors. Thank you to the Physical Education staff for introducing and organising the event.


House Eisteddfod



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