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A wonderful finish to Term 3
This past fortnight has showcased the great sense of community we have at John Wollaston. The Annual Art Exhibition, held in the Technology Centre, featured wonderful artworks from Primary and Secondary students. Each year I marvel at the skill and expertise of our young artists and this year was no exception. Congratulations to all involved particularly our Visual Arts team of Luke Morgan, Jeanette Lyons, Amanda Lin and Sharon Jones and Arts Prefect Georgia Rickard. Our special guests Mr Arif and Dr Audrey Satar, the creators of Amilita our cow from Perth Cow Parade, were effusive in their praise for the standard of student artwork.

Grandparents' Day, held last Friday, involved the Secondary School for the first time. A whole school assembly for grandparents, the highlight of which was the inaugural House Shout, was thoroughly enjoyed by our guests who counted among their number 12 great grandparents. Grandchildren of all ages were proud to welcome their grandparents to our school.

The Secondary House Eisteddfod, Primary Learning Journeys, Inter-School Athletics success and the Secondary Colours Assembly, acknowledging the term's achievers, rounded out a busy fortnight.

2018 Prefecture
This week's Secondary Colours Assembly marked the 'changing of the guard' as the 2017 Prefects were thanked and congratulated on their work for the School and the 2018 Prefecture was announced. For some years now, Prefects have ceased their duties at the end of Term 3 in order to prepare for exams and other Term 4 commitments. This timing enables the Prefects - Elect to take up their portfolios, and also engage in some leadership training in Term 4 before being commissioned in February with other Secondary and Primary leaders.

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected to the Prefecture in 2018.

School Prefects 2018

Academic Prefect: Stephanie Lurssen (HA)
Arts Prefect: Martha Dodge (HA)
Chapel Prefect: Angela Roberts (HA)
Charter Prefect: Liam Palmer (CH)
Hale Prefect: Jordan Stone (HA)
Ramsden Prefect: Sophie Chadwick (RA)
Scott Prefect: Hannah Landwehr (SC)
Student Prefect – Primary: Melissa White (SC)
Student Prefect – Middle Years: Elena Baker (CH)
Student Prefect – Secondary: Lucy Brown (SC)
Sports Prefect: Madeleine Cant (SC)
Service Prefect: Katelyn Clark (HA)
Service Prefect: Emma Winship (SC)
Head Prefect: Ashlee King (CH)
Head Prefect: Tom Ayres (RA)

Staff News
We thank and extend our best wishes to Elise Kelly, Lauren McGregor and Gabriella Slattery who have completed their contracts replacing staff members on leave. I know that each of these young teachers has enjoyed the opportunity to work at John Wollaston and our students have enjoyed their classes. Next term we will welcome back our Head of English Irene Terpon and Primary PE Specialist Mel Fowler both refreshed from their leave.

Upper Primary build completed
The Upper Primary build is now completed after a trouble free construction period. I had the opportunity to inspect the building earlier this week and can say it is a terrific refurbishment of the old H Block. The students and staff will love it! In fact, the new building barely resembles the old with its spacious common area, modern finishes, light filled classrooms, purpose designed Music and Japanese rooms, toilets, staff office and meeting room and IT office, workshop and helpdesk.

The Year 6 classes will move into the block for Term 4 which will be a highlight after their three terms in transportable classrooms. Year 6 parents will be invited to an afternoon tea in the building on Tuesday 10 October. Other Primary parents will have the opportunity to have a tour of the building and surrounds early next term. The Head of Primary will contact parents in this regard.

This build completes a phase of major construction on the campus which has seen the Technology Centre, The Commons and the Upper Primary completed within four years. Collectively these buildings have transformed the School, providing bright contemporary learning spaces in an attractive environment. Our students and staff now enjoy excellent facilities. We had the opportunity to thank our school architect Steve Mueller who was our guest at morning tea today.

Humanities Week
DSC 0004

DSC 0015

DSC 0027


Jordy's Bike
Jordy has been working hard on his bike renovations and presented a completed tandem bike to Hospitality Teacher Lisa Bissell at the staff morning tea on Friday 22 September.

Tandem Bike BEFORE small

The tandem bike before renovation.

DSC 0038 DSC 0049 DSC 0044

Best wishes for the holiday break
Anne Ford


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