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Issue 16 Head of Primary

  • Positive Psychology Conference
  • Wellness Day 
  • Year 3 Mindfulness in the Bilby Class
  • New Upper Primary Building
  • IPSHA Inter-School Paper Planes Championship
  • Disco tonight!
  • Year 6 Exhibition excursion
  • Annual Book Fair
  • Year 4 Excursion to Fremantle

Positive Psychology Conference
During the last weekend of the school holidays Fiona Shand, Deputy Head of Primary Pastoral Care presented a seminar at the Positive Education Conference, held at Perth College in conjunction with the Positivity Institute.

Our presentation, based on embedding Positive Psychology practices was well received. The School’s reputation as leading in this field is well established. Shannon Emmans, Kirsty Robertson and Darcy Vidler also gave up their time and attended the conference in their role as House Coordinators and I thank them for their dedication in this field.

Year 3 Mindfulness in the Bilby Class

Wellness Day

On the first Monday of Term 4, all staff participated in a morning of mindfulness with Jean Watson. Jean is a qualified and internationally trained mindfulness teacher, consultant and secondary teacher. She has a Masters’ Degree in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from Oxford University. She trains school teachers in the Oxford MYRIAD research project on mindfulness and resilience in adolescents. She has taught mindfulness courses in comprehensive schools, independent schools and further education colleges in England and Australia. She is co-author of the Mindfulness Program for Children (4-9 years old) which has direct links to the NSW School Curriculum. All her mindfulness courses are endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority providing accreditation for primary and secondary teachers.
Jean will work with our school leaders and classroom teachers to help develop a whole school approach to the introduction of mindfulness training into our curriculum.

This day was part of the Positive Education component of our Strategic Plan and designed around both our own well-being, and the well-being of our students.
The Wellness Day was for all staff; teaching, administration and grounds. Feedback has been positive and we look forward to working with Jean again in 2018. Jean is managing the introduction of the Mindfulness in Schools Project courses into Australia.

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Throughout the year the Bilby Class has been participating in mindfulness sessions. Mindfulness is a helpful life skill that can be learned by anyone at any age. It is based on being aware of your breathing and your body. This week the students went down to the Wellness Room in the Upper Primary Building and enjoyed lying on their mats and pillows and focusing on their breathing. Here are a few comments
“I like how you get to relax your body and focus on breathing and calming down.” Jayde
“When I’m finished I like being calm.” Cameryn
“It is really quiet in the Wellness Room. It is quiet and you can’t hear the other classes when you are relaxing.” Jesse

New Upper Primary Building

The Year 6 cohort have moved into the wonderful new Upper Primary building with a great sense of excitement and anticipation. The facility is open, bright, modern and well designed. This is a credit to our Business Manager, Mrs Shore, Our architect, Steve Mueller and EMCO builders.

The project was completed on time and enabled the Year 6 students have one term in the new building before moving to Year 7. The large open spaces will be of great benefit to the whole school, and the excellent Music and Japanese classrooms are a great addition to the Primary School. We look forward to hosting the Year 6 Exhibition in this new building at the end of the year. Over 200 guests celebrated the Year 12 Valedictory Supper in the new building last night and this was a huge success.

IPSHA Inter-School Paper Planes Championship
The winners of our Year 4 Paper Plane competition, Jaxon Prothero and Owen Cumine, represented John Wollaston at the IPSHA Inter-School Paper Planes Championship this week. Both boys performed well and thoroughly enjoyed the day, apparently cupcakes and popcorn were a highlight! Well done to both boys and thank you to Miss Vidler, Mrs Burman and Mrs Stevens for their continued enthusiasm in Year 4.

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Disco tonight!
See you at the disco tonight! Wear your brightest for in celebration of Diwali festival of lights.

P&F Disco (K-7)
Friday 20 October

Best Wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

Year 6 Exhibition excursion
John Wollaston group 2

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Excitement is mounting in the new Upper Primary Building as the Year 6s embark on their PYP exhibition. The Exhibition is the culminating experience of the PYP in which the students showcase their development of the IB learner profile by participating in a collaborative inquiry into a real-life issue or problem. This year’s Exhibition falls under the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves”.

After some exploration of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the students worked collaboratively to develop a central idea for the exhibition.
Their contributions were most impressive and the resultant central idea is:

Through appreciation and expression, humanity responds to the world’s needs.

Since the beginning of this term the students have participated in a variety of activities designed to stimulate their curiosity and broaden their perspectives. The first of these was an entertaining session with author, James Foley who shared his journey to become an author and amused the students with his animated presentations of some of his stories. Another great experience was the day trip to Fremantle. Students were given the opportunity to select one of four experiences: visits to Fremantle Port Authority; Western Australian Army Museum or the Fremantle Arts Centre, or participate in a marine experience at Cicerello’s. They also followed a tourist route around the city observing the variety of artistic expressions along the streets of Fremantle.

We look forward to following the Year 6 students as they pursue their inquiries and await with interest to see what action they will take as a result of their learning.
Fiona Currey
Deputy Head of Primary: Teaching and Learning

Annual Book Fair

Do all of your Christmas book shopping here at school and help the Library Resource Centre to add to its collection!

  • Our annual Book Fair will commence on Friday 3 November at 8:00am in the Learning Resource Centre. 

The Fair will be open daily 8:00am-4:00pm (except Friday, until 3.30) until Wednesday 8 November. Every item that you buy earns credit toward free resources for the Learning Resource Centre.

Students will have an opportunity to preview the Fair on the day of its arrival and during their library sessions during the week.
EFTPOS facilities available (cheque, savings and credit).
We look forward to your support for another successful fair this year.
Sharon Hanson
Head of Library Services

Year 4 Excursion to Fremantle
The Year 4s also recently had a great excursion to Fremantle.

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