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Issue 8 Principal

  • The good in a dark fortnight

Words are not enough to convey the deep shock and sadness with which we learned of the horrific attack which took place at England's Manchester Arena nearly two weeks ago. The unspeakable loss of life, terrible injuries and untold trauma to families - especially to children- summoned prayers from around the world. Then two days later, another cowardly terrorist attack took place in Jakarta.

We hold in prayer all the victims of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and Jakarta together with their families and loved ones. Our faith teaches how evil is ultimately overcome by good. The example of the people of Manchester in caring for each other and even opening doors to help strangers amid those fearful events, illustrates how kindness of heart overcomes circumstances that conspire to divide us in favour of strengthening the bonds between us. In the face of such homicidal hatred, we pray that the response of every community will similarly be seen in active charity and solidarity.

Evil, as dense and dark as it is, never has the last word. May the Easter words of the Risen Christ, "Peace be with you" (John 20:19), settle deep into the hearts of people everywhere.

So it is in this sobering context, that I say how proud I am of the care and kindness which lies at the heart of the John Wollaston community. It is key to what makes us a truly respectful and inclusive place to work and learn. The overwhelming generosity and goodwill of our school was demonstrated last week through our two Biggest Morning Tea fundraisers for the Cancer Foundation. On Thursday, Primary families filled the Library lawn at recess sharing morning tea with their Primary children, younger and older siblings. It was the happiest occasion on the sunniest day of the week with energy and laughter in abundance. Congratulations to Scott House Coordinator Darcy Vidler who organised the event. On Friday our Hospitality students prepared a delicious Biggest Morning Tea for the staff in the Technology Centre. The gold coin donations for both events raised in excess of $1000 for a cause that touches many of our lives.

The WA Day long weekend will be a welcome break for students and staff. Enjoy a safe and relaxing break with your families.


With good wishes
Anne Ford

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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Director of Administration

  • Years 10, 11 and 12 Meningococcal W immunisation programme
  • Year 8 Immunisations
  • Year 10 Examinations
  • Year 12 Outdoor Recreation Shark Bay Trip
  • Keys for Life
  • Pegasus Society excursion

Years 10, 11 and 12 Meningococcal W immunisation programme
The date set for the immunisation of Year 10, 11 and 12 students at the School is confirmed to be Tuesday 29 August. The nurses will be attending the School for the day, any students sitting an OLNA test that day will not be immunised until after their test. If you have not returned to the School the required form for the Meningococcal W Immunisation Programme, please do this as soon as possible, even if you have decided that your son/daughter will not be immunised at the School.

Year 8 Immunisations
If your son/daughter was absent from school on Thursday 25 May, an immunisation catch up morning is scheduled for your child on Friday 9 June.

Year 10 Examinations
Year 10 Examinations commence Wednesday 14 June and conclude Friday 16 June. Students attend school throughout the examination period, with regular classes only suspended when students are scheduled to sit an examination. The Year 10 Examination Timetable has been forwarded to students and is also available on SEQTA Documents.

Year 12 Outdoor Recreation Shark Bay Trip
The Year 12 Certificate II Outdoor Recreation Shark Bay Trip is approaching fast, scheduled from Monday 12 June until Friday 16 June. We wish our students and staff a safe, challenging and rewarding experience and we look forward to sharing some of their encounters with parents in a subsequent edition of the eNewsletter.

Keys for Life
On Monday 29 May Year 10 families were invited to the School Chapel to hear about the Keys for Life programme. Keys for Life is a comprehensive, award winning, evidence-based pre-driver program that assists parents, schools and agencies to educate young people about safer road use and provides licencing and graduation benefits. Young people participating in Keys for Life gain valuable life skills as well as knowledge about road rules, licensing, safer vehicles and safer driving.



Pegasus Society excursion

pics to come    


Best wishes
Nick Tanner
Director of Administration


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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Deputy Principal Pastoral Care

  • Extra-curricular School Activities

  • Inter-House Cross Country

  • Year 9 Encounter

Extra-curricular school activities
At last week’s Secondary Assembly I spoke to the students about the importance of our extra-curricular school activities. These community building events are vital as they provide an opportunity for students to develop a sense of others above self. Some of the excellent community events we have enjoyed so far this term include; the School Fair, World’s Greatest Shave and the Inter-House Cross Country.

The School Fair was an outstanding success and I was very pleased to see so many students assisting by running stalls, performing on stage and helping staff wherever it was required. The World’s Greatest Shave event, run by the staff and students from Charter House, raised a magnificent total of over $3000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. The Inter-House Cross Country was held on Friday 19 May around Champion Lakes. While the weather during the day was at times, cold and wet, I was most impressed with the endeavour and effort displayed by all students as they completed the course.

While I congratulate those students who contributed to their House so well during this event, I was disappointed at the large number of students who were absent on the day. This trend was also noted on the day of our Inter-House Swimming Carnival held in Term 1. Events such as these are very important for the development of community, House and School spirit. They also help develop important character traits such as commitment, resilience and citizenship. Our sporting carnivals provide opportunities for students to contribute to something greater than themselves.

I also ask parents for your support of these important school events by insisting that your child attends school on our carnival days. Even if your child is not particularly sporty, there are many benefits to be gained from being involved in these community building events.

Our next major sporting event is our Inter-House Athletics Carnival which will be held on Tuesday 15 August. I look forward to all our secondary students being present and representing their house with pride on the day.
For further information on the benefits of sporting and community participation please visit:


Inter-House Cross Country
Pics to go here - Inter-House Cross Country competition.



Year 9 Encounter
All John Wollaston students participate in an age appropriate Encounter experience which is designed to enhance self-esteem, develop resilience and build character. On Monday 12 June our Year 9 students will participate in a workshop-based Encounter exploring adolescence from a gender perspective. Speakers from The Odyssey Program will facilitate two programmes will to be run concurrently at the School; Inspire for Girls will focus on adolescent girls and The Odyssey Program will focus on adolescent boys. 

As part of this programme, all parents and guardians of Year 7 to 12 students are invited to attend a seminar entitled 10 Things You Need To Know on Monday 12 June at 7:00 pm in the VMAC. The seminar will cover much of the content that will be delivered to the Year 9 students during the workshops. If you would like to attend the Parent Seminar, please RSVP to Loren Musson on 9495 8100 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by Friday 9 June. Should you have any queries about the Encounter please do not hesitate to contact David Crawford, Co-Curricular Coordinator or myself.

Parent Seminar - 10 Things I need to know

 JohnWollastonParentNightinvite 2017

All the best
Nick Jones
Deputy Principal Pastoral Care


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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Head of Primary

  • Biggest Morning Tea

  • Pirates! The Musical tickets on sale

  • AISWA Tour of the ELC

Biggest Morning Tea


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IMG 9252 IMG 9259 IMG 9262
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IMG 9534 IMG 9538 IMG 9547


Pirates! The Musical tickets on sale


Best wishes
Wayne Revitt
Head of Primary

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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 VET/Careers

  • Biggest Morning tea for staff

Biggest Morning tea for staff
The School’s Hospitality students all contributed to an amazing spread of food for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, enjoyed by staff this morning.  Year 12 Hospitality students assisted on the day to set up the function in the Chalk Café and made coffees to accompany the delicious food on offer.

pics to come    

Best wishes
Susan Leach
VET/Careers Coordinator
Hospitality Coordinator


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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Parents and Friends

  • P&F Disco 2017


P&F Disco 2017

DSC 0002 DSC 0004 DSC 0006
DSC 0007 DSC 0008 DSC 0009



Sonja Reynolds
President Parents and Friends Association

P&F Committee for 2017

President: Sonja Reynolds
Vice President: Mark Del Borrello 
Treasurer: Tricia Duggin
Secretary: Fiona Caruso

General Committee:
Sharon Leitch, Susanne Price, Natalie Smart, Rajesh Paul, Rebecca Baskerville, Chris Asphar, and Derek Heatherly.

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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Community Relations

  • Inter-House Cross Country Results

Inter-House Cross Country Results

Overall House Point Tally

1st Ramsden 158 points

2nd Charter 112 points

3rd Hale 107 points

4th Scott 84 points

Individual age group winners

U/13 Girls

1st Samantha Woods Ramsden

2nd Madison Tokeley Charter

3rd Kristi Taylor Ramsden

U/13 Boys

1st Israel Ngoy Charter

2nd Matthew Porter Ramsden

3rd Caleb Cumine Charter

U/14 Girls

1st Eliza Mitchell (new record) 12.27.72 Ramsden

2nd Jennifer Roughton Charter

3rd Ashlyn Hayes Hale

U/14 Boys

1st Jackson Finnie Ramsden

2nd Connor Delahunty Scott

3rd Joel Blissenden Ramsden

U/15 Girls

1st Shanay Del Borello ( new record: 12.57.37) Ramsden

2nd Tiffany Trainer Ramsden

3rd Emilia Chellew Ramsden

U/15 Boys

1st Brody Hatt Hale

2nd Matthew Ford Ramsden

3rd Nicholas Featherstonehaugh-Brash  Hale

U/16 Girls

1st Christina Maddocks

2nd Harriet Butterfield Scott

3rd Madelaine Sallie Scott

U/16 Boys

1st Leighton Hanley Ramsden

2nd Steven Paull

3rd Jarrod Cant Scott

Open Girls

1st Ashlee King Charter

2nd Maddison Briggs Hale

3rd Amber Phillips Charter

Open Boys

1st Rhys Osboine Hale

2nd Jason Williams Charter

3rd Bradley Skellern Charter

Best wishes
Community Relations


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Friday, 02 June 2017 00:00

Issue 8 Uniform Store

  • Winter Uniform Term 2                                                                                    BACK                                                                                   
  • Opening hours


Please be reminded that students wear Winter Uniform in Term 2 and 3. Blazers are worn by students in Years 8 to 12.

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Kindergarten to Year 2 Winter Uniform


Early Learning Centre (ELC) Kindergarten to Year 2 Winter Uniform - Girls and Boys
Navy/red/white stripe tracksuit (embroidered with the School Crest), red polo shirt with a striped collar and sleeve (embroidered with the School Crest), white with navy stripe school sports socks, navy rain jacket, waterproof pants and gum boots and white sneakers.

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Wet Weather Information
Wet weather uniform for Kindergarten to Year 1 students. We request that all ELC children purchase a navy rain jacket, waterproof pants and gum boots as part of the winter uniform. The aim is for our children to be outdoors engaging with the natural environment come rain or shine!

Years 3 to 6
Boys – Grey school shorts or trousers, short sleeved white shirt with the School Crest, black knee high socks (required for shorts only), tartan tie, jumper, school hat, the School scarf (optional).
Girls – Tartan pleated skirt, short sleeved white overblouse with the School Crest, tartan tie, black knee high socks or tights, jumper, school hat, the School scarf (optional).

Boy WinterPrimaryBoyWinterPrimaryLongTrousersGirlWinterPrimary1GirlWinterPrimarywithScarf 

Years 7 to 12
Boys – Grey trousers, short sleeved white shirt with the School Crest, jumper (compulsory for Year 7), blazer (compulsory Years 8 to 12), tartan tie (Years 7 to 10), red tie (Year 11 and 12), the School scarf (optional).
Girls – Tartan skirt, short sleeved white overblouse with the School Crest, jumper (compulsory for Year 7), blazer (compulsory Years 8 to 12), tartan tie (Years 7 to 10), red tie (Year 11 and 12), black opaque stockings, the School scarf (optional).

winterUniformBoyNo Jumper WinterBoyBlazerJumperWinterUniBoyJumperonly

Uniform Requirements

Pre Kindergarten to Year 2

 Years 3 to Year 6  Years 7 to Year 12


Click here for Uniform Guide


Click for the Uniform Guide


Click for the Uniform Guide

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2
Uniform Price List 

Years 3 to 6
Summer Uniform Price List

Years 3 to 6 
Winter Uniform Price List

Years 7 to 12
 Summer Uniform Price List

Years 7 to 12
Winter Uniform Price List


 All credit cards purchases will incur a 1% surcharge.




The Uniform Store is located at the front of the School to the right of the Administration building, near the Chapel. It has wheelchair and pram friendly access. Parking is available for visitors behind the Berry Durston Indoor Sports Centre or across the road in the New Spring Church carpark in white marked bays.

Uniform Store: 9495 8129
Uniform Store Coordinator: Wendy Brinner
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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