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Issue 18 Director of Administration

  • 2018 Booklists
  • 2018 Year 9 and 10 Specialised Subjects
  • Year 11 Students
  • Final 2017 Academic Reports Years 7-10
  • Year 7 Salvation Army Fundraiser
  • Education Perfect Science Championships 2017

2018 Booklists
It is anticipated that the 2018 Booklists will be available for parents to access on the School’s website by Friday 1 December 2017. Campion have indicated that in order for parents to take advantage of their free home delivery service, orders need to be placed by Friday 22 December 2017.

2018 Year 9 and 10 Specialised Subjects
Your son/daughter will receive a confirmation note shortly of their allocated 2018 Specialised Subjects. Please use this information to order any subject requirements listed on the 2018 Booklist, once it becomes available.

Year 11 Students
Year 11 students concluded their academic year on Thursday 16 November with a Chapel Service. However, it is an expectation that all students and their parents/guardians attend Praise and Thanksgiving on Tuesday 28 November at 6:30pm in the BDISC. The dress code for students is full winter uniform.

Parents/Guardians of Year 11 students will receive two academic reports via SEQTA Engage. The first, available by Monday 27 November, is a Statement of Results which lists the Year 11 WACE courses completed by your son/daughter with the grade and score achieved for each course. The second report, a Final Academic Report, will be available in early December. This report models the Semester 1 Report, which includes teacher comments for courses and certificates studied by your son/daughter.

Final 2017 Academic Reports Years 7-10
Final Academic Reports for 2017 are currently being prepared by teachers. We do our best to ensure that all reports are free of errors before making them available to parents/guardians on SEQTA Engage. Although we have set 14 December 2017 as the release day for reports, our goal is to have reports available for parents before this date. Once reports become available, please access the document in SEQTA documents for important information to assist you in interpreting your child’s report.

Year 7 Salvation Army Fundraiser
In early Term 3 we were given the task of advocating for the Salvation Army with no teacher or parent assistance. After being placed into groups, we decided to make comfort bracelets. Comfort bracelets are small bands made from pre-loved clothing, braided together to make a cute little accessory that lasts long and is not heavy or annoying. 

We came up with the name comfort bracelets as they are comfortable and made from soft materials. we decided to make these as the materials were easy to gather and the bracelets were easy to make. We ended up making a total of 216 bands and raised a total of $176.60! We sold the bands for $2 each and some for $1, (on the final day of sales) earning much more than we initially thought. We have chosen to donate the funds to the Beyond the Classroom program.
It was fun to plan, make and sell and we are extremely happy with the funds we have raised.
Mikayla Coulthard, Tayla Downing , Jorja Smart

Education Perfect Science Championships 2017
This year our teachers and students in English and Science have been trialling the online learning platform, Education Perfect. Science students also had the opportunity to take part in an international competition.

Overall, our students answered 92,875 questions and ranked 11th globally out of 313 schools with a similar size population. We had five students win Gold awards, the highest scoring student being Gabriel Guinet who answered more than 15,000 questions. Our other Gold Award students were Mathue Simmonds, Hayley Mitchell, Yaveen Wickramasinghe and Raphael Guinet.


Thank you
Nick Tanner
Director of Administration

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