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Friday, 12 February 2016

Issue 1 - Business Manager

Main Campus traffic entrance Church of Christ car parking The Slip Road Inverness Circle car parking Fees and Charges Reminder I remind all parents of parking arrangements at the School. Main Campus traffic entranceThe main entrance to the School is not to be used to drop off / pick up students or park as these bays are designated parking for staff and visitors. For the safety of the School community, it is imperative that all traffic requests are adhered to. Parents are requested to use the slip road, new car park or Church of Christ car park. Church of Christ car parking* Please park only in designated parking bays. Do not park in the yellow marked bays or drive on the Church's lawns;* Please ensure you have clear vision before reversing slowly from your car bay as there could be a small child in your path;* Please enter and exit the car parks where designated;* Please do not call your child across Centre Road between the buses. All children are to cross Centre Road at the crosswalk. The Slip Road* Please do not park your car and leave it unattended. If you require to either walk or meet your child/ren…
Friday, 12 February 2016

Issue 1 - Principal

Surviving the heat                                                                                        BACK February events Official Opening and Blessing of The Commons Surviving the heat The start of a new school year is always accompanied by hot weather; however, the bracing heat of this week has proved testing for everyone. Never have swimming lessons and air conditioned classrooms been so popular! Students and staff are to be acknowledged for their forbearance in the heat. The students are generally coping well by maintaining a good fluid intake and wearing their hats and caps outdoors. Staff, whilst teaching the normal programme, are mindful of the oppressive conditions and are closely monitoring outdoor activities. Classrooms have been made available to students at lunchtime to keep cool. With the heatwave set to extend into next week, please continue to ensure that your children attend school well equipped to cope with the weather. February eventsThis month is one of the busiest on the School Calendar, commencing with Parent Evenings for the…
Friday, 05 February 2016

Issue 1 - New Technologies

Where to find them                                                                               BACK How to customise App to your own preferences Web link for Windows Phones John Wollaston is beginning 2016 with the launch of two new technologies to improve communication in the School. Where to find them SEQTA Portals launched In a new era for electronic communication at John Wollaston, we rolled out a student 'portal' in Term 4 of 2015 for students in Year 7 through to Year 11. SEQTA learn (formerly coneqt.s) is a student 'portal' that makes it easy for students to manage all aspects of their school life. With SEQTA learn Secondary students can log in at any time and click on a class in their timetable to see the online content automatically updated from their teachers' programmes. Resources such as course outlines, documents, videos, links to websites and multimedia presentations are all easily available with SEQTA learn. Students can also view their homework, assessments and lesson plans where teachers have made them available.       Student…
Friday, 26 February 2016

Issue 2 - Community Relations

Japanese Host Families                                                                                     BACK Open Morning dates for 2016 News NASA Tour fundraising sausage sizzle  Let us know what's happening School Stream App Update and Tips Japanese Host FamiliesJapanese host families are needed urgently, from 20 March for two weeks. The School is seeking nine JWACS families to host three male and six female high school students from the 20 March to 2 April.    "My family has hosted three Japanese exchange students over the last couple of years. We have found the experience very rewarding and my children have made life long friends. As a result of hosting students Brody enjoyed the opportunity to go to Japan and learn the culture and attend the GKA school in January. Gold Intellectual Learning is desperately seeking nine beautiful JWACS families to host three male and three female high school students from the 30 March to 2 April This is an amazing opportunity that I would personally encourage all families to participate in.…
Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Issue 2 - Parents and Friends

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