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Friday, 11 March 2016

Issue 3 - V.E.T

Hills and Associated Colleges Worklink Progamme                                                   BACK Hills and Associated Colleges Worklink Progamme   The Worklink Programme provides appropriate student training and preparation through the application process and induction programmes aimed at educating students about the “World of Work”. The Workplace Learning Endorsed Programme is based on the skills; knowledge and understanding that underpin successful participation in work. Worklink allows students to undertake entry level training in a variety of industry settings. The Workplace Learning Endorsed Programme provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate and develop increasing competence in the Core Skills for Work (CSfW) often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills. PLEASE CLICK HERE for information on the Worklink Programme. WORKPLACE LEARNING Tewai Hodrien is currently doing her Worklink at Dale Christian College. Tewai is in Year 11 and spent a week in Term 4 working in administration at the College. Te-Wai's experience in the work place highlights the advantages of undertaking Work Place Learning through the School. Each student participating does so with the support or our employment partner, Worklink and the VET…
Friday, 11 March 2016

Issue 3 - Chaplain

 "It only makes sense if you watch from the beginning!"                                                                   BACK Have you ever missed a sizeable part of the start of a movie? So much so that you have no idea who the characters are, how they connect, who's chasing whom, or why. You have missed all the character development and the background story. You watch the rest of the movie anyway, and then have to decide whether it was a waste of time because there were so many seemingly random events, and the plot did not seem to hold together. For many people, the story of Easter is like that. It is part of an epic movie which we have only begun watching from the story of Jesus. In fact, the movie begins with the story of creation. The main characters going back thousands of years have been introduced and developed. The story is full of wonders, miracles, great action and short stories intertwined within the main story. As the narrative unfolds we realize this is…
Friday, 11 March 2016

Issue 3 - Head of Primary

Primary Inter-House Swimming Carnival                                                         BACK IPSHA Inter-School Swimming Carnival Assembly – Open Invitation Primary Inter-House Swimming CarnivalCongratulations to everyone involved in our recent Swimming Carnival. We were blessed with wonderful weather and it was pleasing to have so many parents come along to join us on the day. We greatly appreciate the parents who volunteer to help with all events; in fact, we could not run such a great Carnival without their help. An event like this is a true indication of our school spirit. Our students behaved beautifully and their support for each other and their House was outstanding. A well-deserved thank you to Ms Mel Fowler for organising such a great event and providing a wonderful morning for our students. IPSHA Inter-School Swimming CarnivalYesterday our inter-school team competed against other independent primary schools at Wesley College. We were proud of the resilient and caring nature of our team; the way our students support and encourage each other is heart warming and their 'never give up' attitude is admirable. Thank you again…
Year 12 Ball                                                                         BACK Year 8 Survey Encounter 10 Clubs Bullying. No Way! Day Invitation to School Events Equestrian Rotary Youth Exchange Year 12 BallThe Year 12 Ball was held at the Parmelia Hilton in the city last week. Our students were beautifully dressed and behaved to the standard which we expect. Student Prefects Soraya McPhail and Bree Thomson worked with a small committee of students and President of the P and F, Mrs Del Nash, to ensure the venue looked amazing with a rooftop garden theme. Thank you to the McPhail and Thomson families for their assistance in setting up and packing up the ballroom. Mocktails on arrival were followed by a delicious buffet meal. The DJ then livened up proceedings with some great dance music. Belle and Beau of the Ball, Alana Yates and Terry Chantarasena were sashed to great applause from their peers. All students should now have the login details to access photos; this can be obtained from Mrs Twining if…
Friday, 11 March 2016

Issue 3 - Principal

Appointment of new Deputy Principal Pastoral Care                                                 BACK Congratulations to Revd Dave My School website Appointment of new Deputy Principal - Pastoral CareI am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Nick Jones to the position of Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care in the Secondary School. Mr Jones will replace Mrs Bronwyn Twining who will retire at the end of Semester 1 after a wonderful career as a teacher and leader in government and non-government schools. Mr Jones has held senior positions in pastoral care at Guildford Grammar School and is presently Director of Administration at Frederick Irwin Anglican School in Mandurah. He is very enthusiastic about the opportunity to further his career at John Wollaston and is looking forward to working with students, staff and parents. I look forward to the skills and experience that Mr Jones will bring to this very important role in the School. He will commence duties mid July. Congratulations to Revd DaveIt seems only yesterday that our Chaplain Revd Dave Deeny, his wife Pat and daughters Nicole and Stephanie arrived in…

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