Reachout Manila

Every year, John Wollaston Anglican Community School sends a select amount of students to particpate in the Anglican School Commission's pilgrimage to Manila. The Reachout Manila project brings together students from Years 9-12 from any of the Independent Anglican Schools in Western Australia.

 "Participants will work alongside materially poor people in Manila, people who live in squatter camps alongside the rubbish dump and other marginalised areas of the city. The families who live in these areas have moved from regional parts of the Philippines to try and find a better life. They live in shanties erected on the side of the hill next to the rubbish dump or in inner urban areas. The parents spend their day picking through the rubbish finding plastic, metal and other items that can be sold for recycling or finding day labour or other itinerant employment. These camps are isolated from schools and other amenities, meaning that the children have very limited opportunities for education. One youth group of a local Anglican parish spends Saturdays teaching basic numeracy and literacy to these children and giving them a meal. Another group of youth from the parish community helps teach young children basic english and maths in their community after working or attending school themselves. These amazing young people are poor themselves but give everything that they are able to improve the lives of others in their communites."


"...[the team] will spend two weeks supplementing the efforts of local young people in Anglican parishes by immersing ourselves in the communities, teaching, befriending and feeding the children; learning how to be present in the moment with another human being, to sit and be."

Reachout Manila - A day in Recomville

Reachout Manila - A day in Macabud

Reachout Manila - A day in Payong 

Reachout Manila - 2015 A story from The Charter


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